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UPS 500-2000 VA with AVR + SOFT / USB

The 'best value' option for home and professional computing environments

Salicru’s SPS ONE series is an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system featuring Line-interactive technology which provides the best protection solution for equipment and information within home and professional (small businesses, offices, shops, etc.) computing environments.


Its use of AVR Boost&Buck technology, which enables permanent stabilisation of power supply voltage, provides the dual benefit of ensuring better care of connected loads and reducing use of the UPS’s batteries. And, in the event of an input power outage, it provides battery power to keep the equipment operating. To complete the security offered, it also features protection against the possibility of overvoltages occurring in the data line.


Also notable is the built-in communication functionality between the UPS and the computer system via the USB port (communication cable included) and the downloadable monitoring software, which is compatible with Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac. 


The SPS ONE series is available in 500, 700, 900, 1100, 1500 and 2000 VA power ratings.

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Applications: The best option to protect computer systems in homes, offices and shops.     

As the popularity and use of computer systems in homes, small offices and businesses grows, and the information processed and stored by them increases in value, their protection by means of a UPS system, such as Salicru’s SPS ONE series, has become essential. It is the ideal protection for point of sale (POS) terminals, workstations, network devices, company telephone systems and all peripherals associated with these environments.

Applications SPS ONE - SALICRU


  • Line-interactive technology.
  • Microprocessor control guaranteeing high reliability.
  • AVR Boost&Buck permanent stabilisation.
  • USB interface for all models as standard.
  • Downloadable monitoring software for Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac.
  • Protection for data line / telephone / Internet.
  • A single on/off switch for easier and more convenient use.
  • Protection against overloads, short circuits and transients.
  • Smart battery charger to shorten average recharging times.
  • Battery recharging with equipment turned off.
  • Battery-powered cold-start function.
  • Automatic restart when input voltage restored.
  • 3-year warranty.
  • Warranty for connected IT equipment of up to € 90,000.(1)
  • SLC Greenergy solution.

(1) Only European Union countries


  • CD software ViewPower.
  • UPS and closing monitoring software files/applications.
  • Compatible with Windows, Unix, Linux and Mac.

Salicru Warranty

  • Online registration at
  • 3-year warranty.
  • Replacement of defective product  at user’s Office/Home.(1)
  • Batteries covered by the warranty.
  • (1) Consult countries with this service

Complete Solution

  • UPS SPS ONE series. 
  • UPS / PC USB communication cable. 
  • Telephone / data / modem cable. 
  • Start-up guide. 
  • Warranty certificate. 
  • Economic guarantee.

Techinical Specifications

Technical Specifications SPS-ONE - SALICRU



Software Viewpower HTML

  • install_ViewPowerHTML_MAC_x86-64 - 108.82M Download
  • installViewPower Windows - 103.59M Download
  • installViewPower_Linux_i386.tar - 124.83M Download
  • installViewPower_Linux_x86_64.tar - 116.65M Download
  • installViewPowerhtml_Linux_text_i386.tar - 122.16M Download
  • installViewPowerHTML_Linux_text_x86_64.tar - 119.07M Download
  • VPVMShutdownWizard_3_5_and_4_1.tar - 4.28K Download
  • VPVMShutdownWizard_onlyForESXi_5_0.tar - 4.59K Download
  • SPS.500.ONE
    500 VA
  • SPS.500.ONE UK
    500 VA
  • SPS.700.ONE
    700 VA
  • SPS.700.ONE UK
    700 VA
  • SPS.900.ONE
    900 VA
  • SPS.900.ONE UK
    900 VA
  • SPS.1100.ONE
    1100 VA
  • SPS.1100.ONE UK
    1100 VA
  • SPS.1500.ONE
    1500 VA
  • SPS.1500.ONE UK
    1500 VA
  • SPS.2000.ONE
    2000 VA
  • SPS.2000.ONE UK
    2000 VA