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  • SPS-16-ATS_FNB_3554
  • SPS-16-ATS_LNB_3648
  • SPS-16-ATS_TNB_3557
  • SPS-32-ATS_FNB_3555
  • SPS-32-ATS_LNB_3654
  • SPS-32-ATS_TNB_3556
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Automatic transfer system

An ideal solution for powering critical loads through two UPSs.

Salicru’s SPS ATS series is an automatic switch between two single-phase AC power lines which, starting from two sine-wave current power lines, supplies output voltage to the load(s). The switching can be automatic or manual. The LCD display and status LEDs continually report the status of the device, working mode and values of the main measurements. It has extensive communication possibilities through integrated USB, RS-232 and potential-free contact interfaces, or optional inclusion on an SNMP platform. In addition, by means of the parameter-setting software available, parameters such as delays, overload levels, voltage and frequency ranges, line sensitivity, potential-free contacts, etc., can be set.

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  • Redundant energy system with two input sources.
  • Manual or automatic switching between power lines.
  • Extensive programming options for automatic switching.
  • LCD display + LEDS for operation and control.
  • IEC output connections.
  • Easy installation on 19” rack.
  • USB, RS-232 and potential-free contact interfaces.
  • Parameter-setting and control software (for Windows OS).
  • Smart slot for SNMP card.

Techinical Specifications

Techinical Specifications

Software SPS ATS