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Line-interactive sine-wave UPS 800 VA to 3000 VA

Effective protection for entry-level servers and IT equipment

SALICRU’s SPS ADVANCE RT2 series is a range of UPS featuring line-interactive technology with sine-wave output voltage and convertible tower/rack format, the height being only 2U for all power ratings. In addition, its output power factor of 0.9 and compatibility with APFC (active power factor correction) type loads make it the best option for any type of load that requires protection.


In terms of communications, it features an RS-232/USB interface (compatible with HID protocol) and a smart slot that can optionally hold an SNMP card, MODBUS or potential-free contacts; also available are software packages for local or virtual monitoring and management of protected devices.


And other outstanding features include: solutions for applications with long backup (by means of equipment with extra chargers and additional battery modules), swivel mount display and adapters (pedestal and lugs) for placing in tower or rack formats and programmable outputs (critical/non-critical loads) to extend the available backup.


The power range for the SPS ADVANCE RT2 series is: 800, 1,100, 1,500, 2,000 and 3,000 VA.

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The features of the SPS ADVANCE RT2 series make it a versatile solution for protecting a wide range of IT equipment such as basic servers, routers, switches, hubs and point-of-sale with high power density requirements and/or rack installation of servers/ communications.



  • Line-interactive technology with sine-wave output.
  • Permanent AVR stabilisation.
  • Output power factor PF=0.9.
  • Control panel with swivel mount LCD display and keypad.
  • Convertible tower/rack format (2U).
  • Includes pedestal (pedestal mount) and lugs (rack mount).
  • Backup extensions available for all power ratings.
  • UPS models with extra charger for backup extensions.
  • RS-232/USB-HID interface.
  • Downloadable monitoring software for Windows, Linux and Mac.
  • Smart slot for SNMP/potential-free contacts/MODBUS.
  • ADSL/fax/modem protection.
  • EPO – emergency power off.
  • Programmable outputs for critical/non-critical loads.
  • Manual and automatic battery test.
  • Smart battery charger to shorten average recharging times.
  • Battery recharging with device turned off.
  • SLC Greenergy solution.


Configuration values, fault codes and remaining backup.

Level of battery available.

Level of load connected.

Input values (current, voltage and frequency).

Output and battery values (current, voltage and frequency).

Operating mode.



  1. Connection for battery module (only in models with extra charger).
  2. ADSL/fax/modem transient protector.
  3. Emergency stop (EPO).
  4. USB interface.
  5. Socket IEC C19 (only for 3000 VA model).
  6. Resettable thermal cutoff (fuse for 800 and 1100 VA models).
  7. Plug (IEC 14 for 800, 1100 and 1500 VA models; IEC 20 for 2000 and 3000 VA models).
  8. Fan.
  9. RS-232 interface.
  10. Smart slot for SNMP/potential-free contacts/ MODBUS.
  11. Sockets (8 x IEC 13), programmable critical (x4) / non-critical (x4).

Techinical Specifications

Techinical Specifications



Software Viewpower HTML

  • install_ViewPowerHTML_MAC_x86-64 - 108.82M Download
  • installViewPower Windows - 103.59M Download
  • installViewPower_Linux_i386.tar - 124.83M Download
  • installViewPower_Linux_x86_64.tar - 116.65M Download
  • installViewPowerhtml_Linux_text_i386.tar - 122.16M Download
  • installViewPowerHTML_Linux_text_x86_64.tar - 119.07M Download
  • VPVMShutdownWizard_3_5_and_4_1.tar - 4.28K Download
  • VPVMShutdownWizard_onlyForESXi_5_0.tar - 4.59K Download


  • ViewPowerHTML5 user manual-20200102 en


RCCMD Software


UPS managing and monitoring in a heterogeneous IT networks, where different platforms coexist, becomes almos impossible, because the less common operating systems on the market do not have that such software.The RCCMD is an application that allows the simultaneous and secure shutdown of the 95% of existing platforms. Like the most comprehensive monitoring software, the RCCMD can send messages or commands to different clients of the network.

UNMS II Software


For those networks which have more than one UPS to feed it and it requires a concentration monitoring from a single command post, UNMS II software (UPS Network Managament System) is the ideal solution. UNMS II allows managing multiple installations of all those units that have an Ethernet adapter SNMP / Web Adapter and / or sensors. UNMS II packages are available in 9, 25, 50 or 150 licenses.

Ethernet/SNMP Web Adapter

Ethernet/SNMP Web Adapter - SALICRU

SNMP adapter to integrate the equipment in a IT network by using an IP address. It includes adapter, CD with programming software, configuration cable, MIB (Management Information Base) and user manual. Available in card or box formats.

AS-400 card

AS-400 card - SALICRU

AS-400 card allows obtaining the following alarms: UPS fault, general fault low battery, UPS ON and mains failure in a dry contact way.  In the big units  AS-400 card allows a remote shutdown of the equipment and getting dry contacts of the following alarms: UPS fault, general alarm (it includes: UPS fault, mains failure, low battery, bypass active), UPS on bypass, low battery, UPS on inverter and mains failure. td> 

MODBUS Protocol


Public and industrial communication protocol that allows controlling and monitoring of the device. Communication over an RS-232 port.

Temperature and humudity sensor

Temperature and humudity sensor - SALICRU

Probe to measure the magnitude of the battery ambient temperature and humidity of the equipment

Potential-free contacts

Potential-free contacts

These are potential-free relays that are used to receive an on/off signal for the automatic operation of a device.

Battery modules

Battery modules

For backup requirements greater than standard, one or several battery modules connected to the UPS can be installed.

Telescopic rack guides

Telescopic rack guides

Telescopic guides for installation of SPS Advance RT2 and SLC Twin RT2 UPSs (UPSs or battery modules) in cabinets with depths of between 480 mm and 780 mm.

Telescopic rack guides (550-1.100 mm)

Telescopic rack guides (550-1.100 mm)

Telescopic guides for installation of SPS Advance RT2 and SLC Twin RT2 UPSs (UPSs or battery modules) in cabinets with depths of between 550 mm and 1.100 mm.

External manual bypass

External manual bypass - SALICRU

External Manual Bypass to make maintenance tasks, by isolating the equipment electrically. Bypass type make Before break

Autotranformer for other voltages

Autotranformer for other voltages - SALICRU

It used to adapt the equipment to other different nominal voltages 3x380 / 400/415 + N V.

Isolation transformer

Isolation transformer - SALICRU

Electrical device that provides galvanic isolation between input and output, and adjust tension.

ATS - Automatic transfer system (up to 6 kVA)

ATS - Automatic transfer system (up to 6 kVA)

Automatic switch between two single-phase AC power lines which, starting from two sine-wave current power lines, supplies output voltage to the load(s). The switching can be automatic or manual.

  • SPS.800.ADV RT2
    800 VA
  • SPS.1100.ADV RT2
    1100 VA
  • SPS.1500.ADV RT2
    1500 VA
  • SPS.2000.ADV RT2
    2000 VA
  • SPS.3000.ADV RT2
    3000 VA