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Rack/tower On-line UPS 700 VA a 10,000 VA

Continuous protection for critical systems

SALICRU’s SLC TWIN RT series is a double conversion On-line UPS with an output power factor of 0.9, which can be turned into tower or rack format and can be set up in parallel.


The powers range is from 700 VA to 10 kVA. The rack format is highly compact (with batteries included) and comprises 2U of up to 3 kVA, 3U of 4 to 6 kVA and just 5U for powers of 8 and 10 kVA. It comes with extensive communications options by graphic display, which can be positioned for the tower or rack formats, and incorporates USB and RS-232 ports, as well as smart slot for SNMP/relays communication.


For applications with broader back-up requirements, there is the option of additional battery modules. Above 4 kVA they include a rear plug-in module for electrical connections and a maintenance bypass to enable work to be done without having to disconnect the loads.


Replaced by SLC TWIN RT2 + INFO

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The optimal solution for applications requiring the highest possible protection against all kinds of electrical disturbances (blackouts, micro cuts, voltage and/or frequency variations, electric noise,...) in a compact unit with all necessary performances.

Secure power supply for all kinds of IT applications, such as voice and data networks, CAD/CAM, documentary management, unified communications (UC) or video streaming.

Applications SLC TWIN RT - SALICRU


  • Double conversion On-line UPS.
  • Output power factor = 0.9.
  • Input current Total Harmonic Distortion (THDi) <5%.
  • Directable LCD display.
  • Convertible between tower and rack.
  • Up to 2 units in parallel.(1)
  • Includes pedestal (tower) (2) and ears (rack).
  • Selectable and priority loads control.(2)
  • Eco-mode operation.
  • Serial communication interfaces (RS-232) and USB.
  • Monitoring software for Windows, Unix, Linux and Mac.
  • Smart slot for SNMP/relays.
  • Data/modem line protection.(3)
  • Extended back-up available.
  • Automatic frequency detector.
  • Frequency converter function.
  • EPO – Emergency Power Off.
  • Cold Start function for starting from batteries.
  • Self test on every start up and/or manual.
  • SLC Greenergy solution.

(1) From 4 kVA (2) Except 10 kVA (3) Up to 3 kVA (included)


  1. IEC type AC outputs.
  2. Emergency Power Off (EPO)/Digital input.
  3. USB port.
  4. AC input.
  5. Dry contacts.
  6. SNMP/relays smart slot.
  7. RS-232 interface.
  8. Parallel port.
  9. Maintenance bypass.

Higher output power

  • Power Factor (PF) = 0.9.
  • +30% of active power over other UPS with FP = 0.7. 
  • +efficiency (98%) with Eco-mode function.
Higher output power SLC TWIN RT - SALICRU


RS-232 interface.

USB interface.

SNMP/relays smart slot.

Monitoring and management software for Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac. Available download using the top menu.

SNMP/web adapter.

  • AS-400 card. MODBUS protocol.

Temperature-humidity sensor.

Techinical Specifications

Technical Specifications SLC TWIN RT



Software Winpower

  • Winpower_setup_AIX.tar - 49.48M Download
  • Winpower_setup_FreeBSD.tar - 21.63M Download
  • Winpower_setup_HpUx.tar - 33.26M Download
  • Winpower_setup_Linux.tar - 121.39M Download
  • Winpower_setup_LinuxAMD64.tar - 118.22M Download
  • Winpower_setup_MacOSX.tar - 28.53M Download
  • Winpower_setup_MacOSX10.7andLater - 27.68M Download
  • Winpower_setup_Solaris.tar - 9.96M Download
  • Winpower_setup_Unix.tar - 28.85M Download
  • Winpower_setup_Windows - 101.54M Download


  • Winpower Manual VMwareESXi NMC en
  • Winpower Manual VMwareESXi vMotion en
  • Winpower Manual VMwareESXi en
  • Winpower Manual XenServer XenMotion en
  • Winpower Manual XenServer en
  • WinPower Manual en
  • WinPower Quick Installation and Setup en
  • Serial Number "511C1-01220-0100-478DF2A“ es


Ethernet/SNMP Web Adapter

Ethernet/SNMP Web Adapter - SALICRU

SNMP adapter to integrate the equipment in a IT network by using an IP address. It includes adapter, CD with programming software, configuration cable, MIB (Management Information Base) and user manual. Available in card or box formats.

Cable for parallel installations

Cable for parallel installations - SALICRU

Communications cable for simple or redundant parallel installations.

Temperature and humudity sensor

Temperature and humudity sensor - SALICRU

Probe to measure the magnitude of the battery ambient temperature and humidity of the equipment

MODBUS Protocol


Public and industrial communication protocol that allows controlling and monitoring of the device. Communication over an RS-232 port.

AS-400 card

AS-400 card - SALICRU

AS-400 card allows obtaining the following alarms: UPS fault, general fault low battery, UPS ON and mains failure in a dry contact way.  In the big units  AS-400 card allows a remote shutdown of the equipment and getting dry contacts of the following alarms: UPS fault, general alarm (it includes: UPS fault, mains failure, low battery, bypass active), UPS on bypass, low battery, UPS on inverter and mains failure. td> 

  • SLC-700-TWIN RT
    700 VA
  • SLC-1000-TWIN RT
    1000 VA
  • SLC-1500-TWIN RT
    1500 VA
  • SLC-2000-TWIN RT
    2000 VA
  • SLC-3000-TWIN RT
    3000 VA
  • SLC-4000-TWIN RT
    4000 VA
  • SLC-5000-TWIN RT
    5000 VA
  • SLC-6000-TWIN RT
    6000 VA
  • SLC-8000-TWIN RT
    8000 VA
  • SLC-10000-TWIN RT
    10000 VA