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  • BM-R-16A_FNB_3558
  • BM-R-16A_LNB_3664
  • BM-R-63A_FNB_3561
  • BM-R-63A_LNB_3660
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Maintenance bypass 16, 40 or 63 A

Continuity of supply during maintenance operations.

Salicru’s BM-R series maintenance bypasses enable the UPS to be completely disconnected without interrupting power supply to the loads. Their use is essential for maintenance and repair work, which, for reasons of safety, requires the elimination of any voltages present in the device. The BM-R series is available in currents of 16, 40 and 63 A, covering UPSs in the 0.7 to 10 kVA power range with single-phase input and output.


The 40 and 63 A models allow switching without passing through zero thanks to an auxiliary contact that communicates them with an SLC TWIN RT2 series UPS and enables them to turn the device on, or not.

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  • Maintenance bypass in rack/wall format.
  • Enables loads to operate during UPS maintenance or replacement.
  • Simple operation by means of a switch.
  • Manual UPS-mains and mains-UPS switching.
  • Easy installation and connection.
  • Suitable for single-phase devices from 0.7 to 10 kVA.
  • Inputs and outputs through IEC sockets for 16 A model.
  • Inputs and outputs through terminals for 40 and 63 A models.
  • Possibility of transfer from UPS to bypass.(1)
  • Switching without passing through zero.(1)

(1) For 40 and 63 A models.

Techinical Specifications

Techinical Specifications