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Line-interactive UPS 500 VA - 2200 VA with dual USB charger

Optimum electrical protection for office environments and systems

Salicru’s SPS SOHO+ series UPS systems stand out for their Line-interactive technology, compatibility with APFC (active power factor correction) loads and their dual USB charger on the front – all in a power range from 500 to 2,200 VA and versions with Schuko or IEC sockets.


Line-interactive systems use AVR (buck-boost) automatic voltage regulators to reduce possible fluctuations in input voltage, thereby lowering battery use, extending battery life and providing maximum backup if necessary.


They also feature a USB interface with HID protocol for control, parameter setting and computer shutdown/hibernation. Also available is a software package for the management and monitoring of associated environments, including virtualised systems.


The range consists of models with the following power ratings: 500, 650, 850, 1,200, 1,600 and 2,200 VA.

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Salicru’s SPS SOHO+ series UPS systems are ideal for the protection of computer/office environments from single-user management, design or communications stations to small networks composed of one server, various workstations and all associated peripherals. At the same time, they allow the charging of mobile devices through the two built-in USB ports. They are therefore suitable for shops, self-employed professionals, small offices, franchises, dealers, etc.



  • Line-interactive technology.
  • Dual USB charger on the front (max. 2 Amp).
  • Compatible with APFC (active power factor correction) loads.
  • Complete LCD display with all information.
  • Permanent stabilisation (AVR).
  • USB communication interface with HID protocol.
  • Monitoring software for Windows, Linux and Mac.
  • Schuko or IEC sockets available.
  • Resettable input thermal protection.
  • Cold start function for start-up without mains.
  • Automatic restart when power restored.
  • Automatic frequency detector 50 or 60 Hz.
  • Protection against overloads and short circuits.
  • SLC Greenergy solution.


  1. Battery level available (25-50-75-100% and end of backup).
  2. Connected load level (25-50-75-100% and overload).
  3. Input voltage.
  4. Output voltage.
  5. Normal operation.
  6. AVR operation (stabilisation).
  7. Battery operation (power cut CA).
  8. Device fault.


  1. AC input.
  2. UPS sockets.
  3. Sockets with surges protection.
  4. USB port.
  5. Thermal rearmable input.

Control software

UPS monitoring and management software, allowing the orderly closing of files and programs in the event of prolonged power cuts. Valid for Windows, Unix, Linux and Mac.

Control software

Techinical Specifications

Techinical Specifications



Software Winpower

  • Winpower_setup_AIX.tar - 49.48M Download
  • Winpower_setup_FreeBSD.tar - 21.63M Download
  • Winpower_setup_HpUx.tar - 33.26M Download
  • Winpower_setup_Linux.tar - 121.39M Download
  • Winpower_setup_LinuxAMD64.tar - 118.22M Download
  • Winpower_setup_MacOSX.tar - 28.53M Download
  • Winpower_setup_MacOSX10.7andLater - 27.68M Download
  • Winpower_setup_Solaris.tar - 9.96M Download
  • Winpower_setup_Unix.tar - 28.85M Download
  • Winpower_setup_Windows - 101.54M Download


  • Winpower Manual VMwareESXi NMC en
  • Winpower Manual VMwareESXi vMotion en
  • Winpower Manual VMwareESXi en
  • Winpower Manual XenServer XenMotion en
  • Winpower Manual XenServer en
  • WinPower Manual en
  • WinPower Quick Installation and Setup en
  • Serial Number "511C1-01220-0100-478DF2A“ es
  • SPS.500.SOHO+
    500 VA
  • SPS.650.SOHO+
    650 VA
  • SPS.850.SOHO+
    850 VA
  • SPS.1200.SOHO+
    1200 VA
  • SPS.1600.SOHO+
    1600 VA
  • SPS.2200.SOHO+
    2200 VA