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Electrical transformers and autotransformers

Simple concepts, effective solutions

SALICRU has been designing and manufacturing low voltage electrical transformers and autotransformers for more than 50 years, for use as IT series standalone solutions, or integrated within its wide range of power electronics solutions (uninterruptible power supplies, voltage stabilisers, rectifiers, etc.). At the same time, we have continuously improved our own production methods and processes in order to meet the needs of our customers and also for special requirements.


Single-phase and three-phase transformers are used as electrical isolation for reducing mains disturbances or adjusting the level of voltage coming from the grid. Autotransformers, on the other hand, with their serially-connected coils that do not provide galvanic isolation, have the function of converting one voltage to another, and, as such, are a more economical solution than transformers.


The transformers and autotransformers from SALICRU’s IT series are of the dry variety, made from low-loss magnetic plate and windings impregnated with class-H resin, and connected by means of clamp terminals or screws for pressure terminals. They can be manufactured with other voltages, regulation sockets, additional electrostatic screens, heat shields, etc., on request.

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Transformers are used in different types of industry, construction, energy technology and marine applications, such as electric motors, compressors, converters, cooling systems, UPSs and IT/TN networks. On the request of the customer, transformers can be manufactured for different voltages and frequencies, and feature, for example, an electrostatic screen between the primary and secondary windings, different finishes, wheels or other attachments.

And autotransformers are used for adapting the voltage of the mains supply to the voltage required to power all kinds of load and machinery.



  • Class F insulators.
  • Ventilation by natural convection (ANAN).
  • Insulation class H windings.
  • Power range: 1 kVA - 300 kVA.
  • Single-phase Ii0 and three-phase Dyn11 (1) connection configuration.
  • Factors available: K-4, K-13 and K-20.
  • Low magnetising current.
  • Versions available: box or panel mounting.
  • Eye bolts on units weighing more than 15 kg.
  • Typical voltages up to 750 V. · Low heat loss.
  • Low weight and compact dimensions.
  • Impregnation: Synthetic polymerised resin – oven at 130°C.

(1) Others available on request


  1. Input/output terminal
  2. Earth bolt
  3. Eye bolts for elevation
  4. Fixing point
  5. Windings
  6. Magnetic plate


  • Degree of protection: IP23
  • Other degrees of protection available on request
  • Colour RAL 7035

Technical specifications

Technical specifications