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Electrical cybersecurity, the first protection in the digital workplace
Tuesday, 10 november 2020
La ciberseguridad eléctrica, la primera protección en el puesto de trabajo digital

The coronavirus pandemic has almost forced digital transformation in companies. In this context, the new digital workplace is revealed as one of its main pillars.


However, one of the drawbacks of this technological evolution is our increasing dependence on the correct functioning of our computer and electronic systems and on access to the databases to which we are interconnected.


As a consequence of this dependence, it is essential for all these systems to have an adequate electrical supply and, more importantly, uninterruptible.


Moreover, the technology that provides permanent, stable, economic and efficient energy is provided by Salicru's Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), which therefore become the first solution in the field of cybersecurity at workstations, both in the company environment and at home.


This is strategic equipment that has undergone significant changes in recent years and, whatever the factor causing the energy discontinuity, has already become a key component in solving the operation of equipment and systems related to the new era of digital transformation.

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