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Single-phase solar power inverters for mains connection from 2 to 6 kW
Technology and design for a greener world

The solar power inverters in Salicruĺs Equinox S series are an excellent option for the generation of photovoltaic power in homes and commercial and industrial premises, allowing clean, cheap energy to be obtained from the roof of the building itself.

They are outstanding both for their elegant design and because they are reliable, efficient and functional devices that guarantee a completely stable energy production, features inherited from the original Equinox series.

The range includes devices with powers of 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 kW, making them suitable for a wide range of projects. Their wide input voltage range allows for flexible string design, since a variable number of photovoltaic modules of different types can be used. The photovoltaic installations can be monitored easily and intuitively via diverse communication interfaces (WIFI, LAN, 4G or GPRS) using the free EQX-sun App for smartphone and tablet.

The high protection rating of the housing makes them suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and installation is fast and easy, due to their compact design and weight and the location of the connections in the lower part of the unit.
Maximum DC input power (W)
MPPT rank (VDC)
Maximum power (W)
Rated output current (A)
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EQX 2000-1S
Maximum DC input power (W): 2600
MPPT rank (VDC): 180-360
Maximum power (W): 2000
Rated output current (A): 9
EQX 3000-2S
Maximum DC input power (W): 4500
MPPT rank (VDC): 180-480
Maximum power (W): 3000
Rated output current (A): 14
EQX 4000-2S
Maximum DC input power (W): 6000
MPPT rank (VDC): 200-480
Maximum power (W): 4000
Rated output current (A): 20
EQX 5000-2S
Maximum DC input power (W): 7500
MPPT rank (VDC): 240-480
Maximum power (W): 5000
Rated output current (A): 24
EQX 6000-2S
Maximum DC input power (W): 9000
MPPT rank (VDC): 200-500
Maximum power (W): 6000
Rated output current (A): 26
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 products
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