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SLC-8000-TWIN RT2 B1
On-line double-conversion tower/rack UPS from 4 kVA to 10 kVA with PF=1
High reliability in critical server environments

Salicruĺs SLC TWIN RT2 series models are uninterruptible power supplies with unrivalled electrical protection features for critical server environments. Their dual tower/rack format offers physical adaptability to any site and, together with the built-in PDU strip, provides maximum ease of connection of the loads to be protected. In addition, their unity output power factor (VA=W) increases the power density delivered and reduces the space required for the installation of the UPS.

The LCD screen is swivel-mounted according to the mounting format chosen for ease of handling. In terms of serial communications, they feature USB, RS-232 and relay interfaces, as well as a smart slot to optionally accommodate an SNMP card, MODBUS or potential-free contacts; also available are software packages for local or virtual monitoring and management of the protected devices.

For applications that require extended backup, additional battery modules and/or solutions with extra charger can be installed. And for applications that require redundant protection or increase the need for power, there is the option of connecting up to 3 devices in parallel.
Code: 698CC000004
EAN: 8436035923076

Guaranteed operability for IT environments

Numerous environments can be protected by Salicruĺs SLC TWIN RT2 series UPSs, such as virtualised or non-virtualised server systems, voice and data networks, ERP systems, CRM solutions, document management, etc., all of whose operability depends on the reliability of the electrical supply that powers them.

  • On-line double-conversion technology.
  • Output power factor PF=1.(1)
  • Convertible tower/rack format.
  • Control panel with swivel mount LCD display and keypad.
  • Includes pedestal (pedestal mount) and lugs (rack mount).
  • Backup extensions available for all power ratings.
  • UPS models with extra charger for backup extensions.
  • RS-232, USB and relay communication interfaces.
  • Downloadable monitoring software for Windows, Linux and Mac.
  • Smart slot for SNMP/potential-free contacts/MODBUS.
  • Eco-mode operation.
  • Parallelable up to 3 units.
  • PDU strip for distribution of output loads.
  • Frequency conversion function.
  • SLC Greenergy solution.
(1) Except for backup extensions.
  1. Input/output terminals.
  2. RS-232 interface.
  3. Smart slot for SNMP/potential-free contacts/ MODBUS.
  4. Emergency stop (EPO).
  5. Connection for battery module (only in models with extra charger).
  6. Input circuit breaker.
  7. Parallel port.
  8. Current distribution port.
  9. Digital input/output.
Maximum performance in Eco mode
With performance of up to 99%, a significant energy saving can be achieved without reducing reliability and security in the protection of critical loads.
Higher power density
With a unity output power factor, maximum power in watts (W) is delivered, thereby optimising the always limited space in racks or server rooms.
Easy to install
Convertible tower/rack thanks to the accessories included (rack handles, tower pedestal), swivel mount display. Intuitive LCD for operation and configuration, with optical and audible warning devices.
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