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Commitment to sustainability as a corporate value

Society in general and industry in particular demand equipment that, in addition to responding to their business needs, reduce energy consumption, save on economic costs and promote sustainable use to protect the environment.

For many years, as a corporate value to provide greater competitiveness, Salicru has been committed to renewable energy and the most advanced technology applied to energy efficiency through its SLC Greenergy Solutions line, which includes a wide range of products and services.

In addition to guaranteeing a stable, continuous, reliable and economic electricity supply to its customers, Salicru’s mission is also to ensure an efficient and ecological electricity supply.


After 15 years of success with stabilisers-step-down light dimmers, the company has gone a step further and decisively opted for developing new products that will position it with greater strength in the energy efficiency and renewable energy market.

With this new range of products within its SLC Greenergy Solutions line, Salicru has reinforced its commitment to the implementation of ‘clean’ technologies in electrical equipment and systems and has expanded its market to new industrial and professional areas, offering its customers increasingly sustainable and competitive solutions.


Why? Because of the enormous advantages that this brings, such as efficient energy consumption, energy and economic savings, reduced production and maintenance costs, increased service lives of electrical and electronic equipment by reducing the risk of breakdowns, etc., not to mention reduced CO2 emissions and decreased use of natural resources.


As one of the main cornerstones of Salicru’s business strategy, all new energy efficiency applications and technologies are also applied to the manufacturing process of our products. This involves the integration of a range of parameters that allow us to obtain higher performance with less energy consumption and calorific detachment.

Main electrical disturbances
The electrical disturbances that most commonly occur in the field of energy efficiency and renewables, and which are the source of multiple problems in all kinds of equipment and facilities, are the following:
Sags & undervoltages
Sags & undervoltages
Surges & overvoltages
Surges & overvoltages
Noise waveform distortions
Noise waveform distortions

Salicru offers its customers a range of sustainable and competitive solutions in electrical equipment and systems to contribute to minimising CO2 emissions and reducing energy and economic costs. Solutions that also include eco-efficient benefits in materials and components as well as applied technology.


Under the SLC Greenergy Solutions line, Salicru manufactures and sells the following products: photovoltaic inverters, variable frequency drives for solar-powered water pumping and stabilisers-step-down light dimmers.

  • Photovoltaic Inverters


Converters of direct current from solar panels into alternating current

  • Variable frequency drives for solar-powered water pumping


Water pumping using radiation captured by solar panels as an energy source

  • Lighting flow dimmer-stabilisers


Voltage stabilisers adapted to the application and energy control of street lighting

Photovoltaic inverters

EQUINOX is Salicru’s series of solar inverters for transformerless mains connections characterised by being lightweight, compact and highly reliable, and whose installation and use have been facilitated to the maximum for greater operational convenience.


Thanks to its innovative technology, backed by the company’s extensive experience in the power electronics market, these devices offer high performance in indoor and outdoor photovoltaic plants, ranging from small powers to large facilities through parallel inverters, obtaining configurations that provide a higher degree of reliability due to their modular design. The EQUINOX range includes powers in connection to single-phase or three-phase networks.

Variable frequency drives for solar-powered water pumping

Among Salicru’s variable frequency drives is the Controlvit CV30-PV series. Its main function is to pump water using the radiation captured by solar panels as an energy source. The solar light energy obtained is transformed into direct current which powers the drive, and this in turn powers a submersible pump using alternating current, thus enabling water from the ground to be extracted. The extracted water can be stored in a tank or reservoir for subsequent use, or it can be used for direct irrigation, depending on the needs of the farm.


This functionality is extremely useful in locations that need a reliable, cost-effective water supply with a long service life and low maintenance costs. It is also environmentally friendly as it does not cause pollution or noise.

Lighting flow dimmer-stabilisers

More than two decades ago, Salicru pioneered a new way of accurately regulating street lighting with its range of ILUEST lighting flow dimmer-stabilisers, which make it possible to achieve significant energy and maintenance savings.


Since then, it has installed more than 27,000 lighting flow dimmer-stabilisers in countries such as Spain, China, France, Poland, Tunisia

ĹEuropean countries consume less energy than 10 years ago, mainly thanks to increased energy efficiencyĺ
  • Aguascalientes Photovoltaic Park, Mexico
  • Al-Muntazah Street Extension, Qatar
  • Barcaldine Solar Farm, Australia
  • Borges Thermosolar Plant, Spain
  • ‘Galapagos with its own electricity’ project, Galapagos, Ecuador
  • Tempoku Wind Farm, Japan · Uribe Photovoltaic Solar Plant, Chile
  • Abertis
  • AENA
  • Ashghal-Public Works Authority Qatar
  • Autoroutes du Sud de la France (ASF)
  • General Electric
  • Government of Tunisia
  • Prodetur - Regional Government of Andalusia
Single-phase solar power inverters for mains connection from 2 to 6 kW Technology and design for a greener world
Three-phase solar power inverters for mains connection from 5 to 10 kW Electrical generation with high-quality waveforms
Three-phase solar power inverters for mains connection from 15 to 30 kW Robust, reliable and efficient
Variable frequency drives for solar water pumping systems from 0.4 kW to 75 Kw Variable frequency drives for solar water pumping systems
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