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Salicru UPS for the Termosolar Borges pioneering electricity plant

Lundi, 14 de janvier de 2013

Salicru has supplied six UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply systems) to the Termosolar Borges plant, a pioneering facility in the world which works with thermal-solar energy cycle during the day supported by the biomass combustion at night, which specifically uses remains of forest mass, energy crops and agricultural waste as a fuel.

The plant, which came into operation in early December, was built by Abantia and Comsa Emte in the Catalan town of Les Borges Blanques (Lleida) with an investment of 153 million Euros. Its commissioning will enable a yearly electrical power production of 98,000 MWh, equivalent to the average consumption of more than 27,000 households. This is an initiative supported by the Government of Catalonia (5%) and supposes strategic support for a pioneering renewable energy project in Catalonia and one which forms part of the Energy and Climate Change Plan 2012-2020.

In this new plant, Salicru has installed several SLC XTRA series UPS with units of 160 kVA and an autonomy of 30 minutes at full load, which deal both with protecting the field area (solar panels) and the control centre in the facility itself. SLC TWIN and SLC CUBE3 series units have been installed for the computer part.

SLC X-TRA is one of the most reliable and highest performing three-phase UPS on the market and gives protection and quality energy for a wide range of applications. Based on the Voltage and Frequency Independent (VFI) form of operation, it has been developed in double conversion technology with IGBT and DSP control to give considerable savings in operating and installation costs while offering maximum protection to the connected loads. With powers ranging from 100 to 800 kVA, its highly compact format to facilitate its location and installation allows the system reliability to be increased by connecting several units in redundancy and expansion in parallel according to the needs of the project. 

Actualidad destacada 
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    Les unités de distribution d’énergie de la série SPS PDU de Salicru sont conçues pour distribuer l’énergie fournie par un système d’alimentation ininterrompue (onduleur/UPS), un générateur ou par le réseau, à de nombreux dispositifs, tels que les racks de réseaux et les serveurs de data centers et les salles informatiques.

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  • SLC X-PERT, un onduleur pour des installations de grande puissance critique

    Salicru a lancé sur le marché le SLC X-PERT, un Système d’alimentation ininterrompue triphasée (Onduleur) de technologie On-line à double conversion, contrôle DSP et conception compacte qui garantit une alimentation permanente de qualité pour toutes les installations de grande puissance critique, protégées par des hautes performances.

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