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Salicru’s turnover grows by 34% in Europe

Lundi, 5 de novembre de 2012

In the first 10 months of 2012 Salicru’s exports have grown by 34% in comparison with the same period in 2011, and those responsible for this area believe that this figure might double before the end of the year.

In its new stage of international development started in 2012, Salicru aims to have a greater presence on the foreign markets, to explore new business opportunities and to consolidate its relationships with its traditional customers. The strategy is now bearing fruit and new collaboration agreements have been confirmed in countries where the company’s products had previously been minority, such as Belgium, Switzerland and Lithuania.

Salicru recently launched new Line-Interactive and On-line UPS ranges in powers ranging from 700 VA to 20 kVA. These new and other existing solutions have been presented at two benchmark fairs in the electrical and energy sector with the support of local representatives for these markets: the International Technical Fair held from 24 to 29 September in the Bulgarian city of Plovdiv and the Energie 2012, which took place between 9 and 11 October in Hertogenbosch (Holland). These kinds of meetings not only serve as platforms for presenting new product developments, but also allow the pulse to be taken of the new markets and the specific needs of potential customers to be known in order to be able to offer tailored solutions.

Salicru’ enterprising spirit and its internationalisation strategy have placed the company in more than 40 countries to date, where it strives to offer its customers a quality electrical power supply. The consolidation of its international projection started in 1978 today makes it one of the world benchmarks in the design of solutions for electrical supply adapted to the specific needs of each project.

Actualidad destacada 
  • SPS PDU, l’unité de distribution d’énergie

    Les unités de distribution d’énergie de la série SPS PDU de Salicru sont conçues pour distribuer l’énergie fournie par un système d’alimentation ininterrompue (onduleur/UPS), un générateur ou par le réseau, à de nombreux dispositifs, tels que les racks de réseaux et les serveurs de data centers et les salles informatiques.

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  • SLC X-PERT, un onduleur pour des installations de grande puissance critique

    Salicru a lancé sur le marché le SLC X-PERT, un Système d’alimentation ininterrompue triphasée (Onduleur) de technologie On-line à double conversion, contrôle DSP et conception compacte qui garantit une alimentation permanente de qualité pour toutes les installations de grande puissance critique, protégées par des hautes performances.

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  • Nouveaux onduleurs de 120 volts

    Salicru renouvelle sa gamme de solutions de systèmes d'alimentation ininterrompue (onduleurs) des modèles de 100-127 V. Plus particulièrement, en ce qui concerne les gammes SLC TWIN PRO2 et SLC TWIN RT2, qui désormais incorporent des modèles de 100-127 V dans la plage de puissance de 0 à 10 kVa.

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