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Salicru’s ILUEST+ will allow 33% savings on the lighting bill in the town of Granollers

Jeudi, 24 de janvier de 2013

More than two decades ago, Salicru was a pioneer in achieving precise adjustment of street lighting lamps by means of its range of ILUEST lighting flow dimmer-stabilisers, giving considerable savings in energy and maintenance. The company’s wager on energy savings remains firm through its renewed ILUEST+CR and ILUEST+MT series launched a year ago, which increased the performance of their predecessors.

Salicru has recently supplied 32 units of the ILUEST+CR series both in indoor and outdoor formats, with maintenance bypass and powers ranging from 15 kVA to 45 kVA to be installed in several street lighting control centres in the town of Granollers (Barcelona). The installation of these dimmer-stabilisers will enable savings of approximately 570,000 kWh a year, or 33% energy savings, and monetary savings of 74,000 Euros a year on the municipal electricity bill.

Faithful to its original philosophy but incorporating the latest available technology, the ILUEST+CR gives better adjustment, management, control and saving in modern outdoor lighting installations and provides lamps with perfect stabilisation by linear and continuous adjustment between states. The transformers have also been eliminated and a modular power configuration has been implemented, allowing the weight of the equipment to be reduced and improving its operativity and maintenance. The available formats make maximum use of this series’s modular nature by configuring modules to be integrated with maximum flexibility in the specific installation in lighting cabinets of any size and proportion and even in small spaces. This all makes this the most compact series on the market.

The ILUEST+ range is conceived and designed for head-of-line installation to avoid the awkward supplementary wiring of other systems and thus reduce the cost of installation. They are also completely static, so as they do not have moving elements, they have a longer lifetime and reply faster to sudden changes in voltage, more effectively protecting the always delicate discharge lamps.

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