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Salicru Gives Its Corporate Catalogue a “New Look”

Vendredi, 3 de septembre de 2010

“Future staking is settling so as to overcome all challenges indeed: self and costumer’s. For achievement’s sake, at SALICRU, we work daily with best energy-wise." These are the words with which the company's General Manager, Eduard Salicrú, opens the new corporate catalogue.

In comparison to previous editions, the new catalogue features a more conceptual and visual design in red and silver that is structured into two levels: text information on semi-transparent film over impressive, double-page images. The format has also been changed from vertical to oblong and a practical flap with a magnetic closure has been introduced.

The inner flap includes the new video that has been produced for the occasion which uses interviews with the founders and current executives of Salicru and past and present images and information graphics to invite the viewer to take a virtual walk through the history of the Catalan company which began its journey more than four decades ago in a small Barcelona town and is present today in more than 40 countries on the five continents.

More than products, solutions; this is the message that prevails in the section dedicated to its product range.  Significant space is reserved for the new solutions in its energy efficiency range such as the ILUEST series and the EQUINOX photovoltaic inverters as a complement to its traditional core business - the UPS with which it continues to be a sector leader.

Those interested in requesting a paper copy of the new catalogue (available in Spanish and English) may send an email to:  Plus, if you can check out the corporate video under the presentation section of the company’s website, click here.

Actualidad destacada 
  • SPS PDU, l’unité de distribution d’énergie

    Les unités de distribution d’énergie de la série SPS PDU de Salicru sont conçues pour distribuer l’énergie fournie par un système d’alimentation ininterrompue (onduleur/UPS), un générateur ou par le réseau, à de nombreux dispositifs, tels que les racks de réseaux et les serveurs de data centers et les salles informatiques.

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  • SLC X-PERT, un onduleur pour des installations de grande puissance critique

    Salicru a lancé sur le marché le SLC X-PERT, un Système d’alimentation ininterrompue triphasée (Onduleur) de technologie On-line à double conversion, contrôle DSP et conception compacte qui garantit une alimentation permanente de qualité pour toutes les installations de grande puissance critique, protégées par des hautes performances.

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  • Nouveaux onduleurs de 120 volts

    Salicru renouvelle sa gamme de solutions de systèmes d'alimentation ininterrompue (onduleurs) des modèles de 100-127 V. Plus particulièrement, en ce qui concerne les gammes SLC TWIN PRO2 et SLC TWIN RT2, qui désormais incorporent des modèles de 100-127 V dans la plage de puissance de 0 à 10 kVa.

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