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EnerTIC, a further step in Salicru’s investment in energy efficiency

Mercredi, 23 de novembre de 2011

In ever more technological surroundings, companies, public administrations and large corporations, from Green IT to data centres passing through the new trend of virtualisation and cloud computing, are aware of the need to improve energy efficiency as a strategic future value and trust in a secure supply both for reasons of ecological awareness and in terms of economic savings. Furthermore, the EU’s priorities include nurturing the use of ICTs to achieve more efficient places; in this sense our vocabulary already includes terms such as Smart Cities and Smart Buildings.

Fostering the development of new technologies that contribute to more responsible energy consumption is undoubtedly one of the driving forces that guide Salicru’s business strategy. Along this line, the company from Palautordera has just taken a further step in its investment in energy efficiency and renewable energies by participating as a founding member of enerTIC, the recently created platform of ICT companies.

This platform's mission is to become a benchmark for all professionals interested in improving energy efficiency by means of information and communications technologies, by contributing to the development of the transformation potential of this sector in Spain with the support of the associated companies and public institutions, in favour of a more competitive, sustainable economy.

Salicru takes part in two of its workgroups, Key Sectors of Energy Demand and ICT Infrastructures. These groups are formed by experts specialised in each of the areas on which enerTIC focuses its activity and are the ideal framework for: organising work meetings in order to attend queries and discuss the latest questions; nurturing consortiums, alliances and networking amongst its members; and identifying and analysing initiatives that might contribute to developing the transformation potential of ICTs in the area of energy efficiency.

Salicru provides enerTIC and its workgroups with its know-how in the sector of energy efficiency for street lighting, backed up by over 20 years of experience in comprehensive advice and the installation of ILUEST light flow reducer-stabilisers, units which allow savings of up to 40% on the municipal energy bill and have become a referent in Spain and countries such as China, France, Poland, Tunisia and Morocco. Through enerTIC, Salicru hopes to present its products to companies of the ICT sector and inform of the monitoring and telemanagement capacities that these units offer in order to optimise their operation and to achieve the maximum possible savings.

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