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Electronic voltage stabilisers from 300 VA to 250 kVA

The fastest and the most accurate electronic regulation system of the market

In today’s electronic environment, saturated and highly unstable, where fluctuations in the power supply voltage are more than frequent, voltage stabilisers play a very important role in guaranteeing stable voltage to loads more sensitive to such variations.


The Salicru RE series of electronic stabilisers, based on a completely static structure of high efficiency, fast reply speed and excellent output precision, are made in single phase or three phase configuration and in a range of powers from 300 VA to 250 kVA.


The three-phase units are conceived with a completely phase-independent regulation in order to avoid possible regulation problems due to imbalance in the loads. Moreover, the units include a static bypass to guarantee the power supply in the event of a possible fault.

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Many are the industrial processes where voltage stability is essential: from a wide range of applications where the numerical control processors and automatons are entrusted with guaranteeing the final result, up to all kinds of calculation centres, computer peripherals, transmission and communications equipment, laboratory equipment, etc.

Applicacions RE3 - SALICRU


  • Power range, single and three-phase, up to 250 kVA.
  • Ultra-fast regulation: reply speed under 100 ms.
  • Digital control and parameters setting independent per phase.
  • Entirely static structure, without moving elements, greater reliability.
  • Static bypass, loads always supplied.
  • In three-phase units, independent regulation per phase, immune to imbalances.
  • Output precision better than ±2%.
  •  ±15% input regulation margins standard.
  • Efficiency > 97%.
  • Isolation transformer or ultra-isolation on unit output. (1)
  • LCD Display, as standard, from 6 kVA single-phase or 15 kVA three-phase.
  • Detection of voltage input or output (max/min) out of margins, as standard. (2)
  • SICRES comunication slot. (2)
  • Overtemperature detection. (2)
  • Do not introduce harmonics, or alter the power factor of the installation.
  • Unaffected by line voltage harmonics; stabilisation based on true RMS.
  • Stable operation in the event of load and/or voltage variations.
  • Highly robust and reliable (high MTBF).
  • Overvoltage surge supresion protection.
  • More than 80% recyclable materials.

(1) Option  (2) For models with LCD display

RE3 Display Model

  1. LCD 2x16 characters.
  2. Navigation keys.
  3. LEDs (alarm, bypass, normal operation and communications).
Display Models  RE3 - SALICRU


Presentation RE3 - SALICRU


  • Pre-sale and after sales advisory service.
  • Numerous maintenance and remote maintenance options (SICRES).


  • Relay interface.
  • Manual maintenance bypass.
  • Protection of high-low voltage with manual or automatic reset (output voltage disconection when out of range).
  • Isolation transformer (T).
  • Ultra-isolation transformer (NS).
  • Current transformers for measures of current, power (kVA / kW) and power factor. 
  • Overload protection. (1) 
  • Telemanagement SICRES card. (1) 
  • Extended communications module. (1)
  • Extended ambient operating temperature from -20ºC.
  • Input & output circuit breaker.

(1) Models with display

Technical specifications

Specifications - RE3 - SALICRU




Digital Ammetter

Digital Ammetter - SALICRU

An instrument for measuring the alternating input or output current. The reading is displayed in a digital way.

Max / min voltage protection with automatic reset

Max / min voltage protection with automatic reset - SALICRU

Protection against over and under voltages at the output of the stabiliser. To reset the protection is not necessary any action, it is automatic completely.

Manual bypass

Manual  bypass - SALICRU

Manual bypass and outgoing distribution module. Manual bypass is based on 5 position cam-switch combining inverter-static bypass-manual bypass. The outgoing distribution is based on four single pole circuit breakers.

Ultra-isolation transformer

Ultra-isolation transformer - SALICRU

Ultra-isolation transformer, based on a primary and secondary windings with both unit turns ratio and an earthed triple electrostatic shield for noise attenuation coming from mains (up to 140 dB on common mode).

Isolation transformer

Isolation transformer - SALICRU

Electrical device that provides galvanic isolation between input and output, and adjust tension.

Heating resistor

Heating resistor - SALICRU

A resistor located inside the equipment to prevent internal condensation.