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Servomotor voltage stabiliser 5 kVA - 1300 kVA

Constant stabilisation and savings in overvoltages

Issues such as the constant variation of loads connected to the mains, interference generated by the loads themselves, possible failures in distribution lines, voltage drops due to the length of the lines and problems caused by lightning make it impossible to have an electricity supply with a stable voltage. Salicru’s EMi3 servomotor voltage stabilisers are the ideal solution to protect sensitive equipment from constant voltage fluctuations in the power supply.

Moreover, in the event of drops in the total consumption of a power line, voltage tends to rise, causing overconsumption in the equipment that remains connected. By using a stabiliser, overconsumption can be eliminated, thereby producing significant cost savings and ensuring that connected loads function within the voltage range for which they were designed.

Salicru’s EMi3 servomotor voltage stabilisers are the culmination of 50 years of experience and development, in which the company has manufactured and installed over 100,000 units worldwide.

The operating principle is based on regulation, by means of a control circuit, of the variable autotransformer that supplies the voltage for the booster transformer in series, either in phase or in phase opposition, to achieve the rated value of the output voltage.

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Actions and operations in electrical substations, electric ovens, numerical controls, lifts, graphic printing equipment, production lines, medical equipment, TV repeater stations, machine tools (milling machines, trimming machines, presses, lathes, polishing machines, electrical discharge machines, etc.) are some of the applications, because of their power, extremely reactive nature and high sensitivity to voltage variations.

Applications EMi3 - SALCIRU


  • Power range, single and three-phase, up to 1300 kVA.
  • Fast and efficient toroidal/columns autotransformers for the entire power range.
  • Output accuracy better than 1% (adjustable).
  • In three-phase units, independent regulation per phase, unaffected by imbalances.
  • Input regulation range ±15% standard.
  • High efficiency, up to 97.5%.
  • High speed regulation, up to 70 V/s.
  • Full LCD display for stabiliser control and monitoring.
  • Guaranteed output stability through a MosFET servo control.
  • Unaffected by line voltage harmonics; stabilisation based on true RMS.
  • Stable operation in the event of load and/or voltage variations.
  • Wide operating temperature range (-10°C to +55°C).
  • Dry contact interface (2 standard and up to 11 optional).
  • No harmonics injection.
  • Mechanically-optimised design, easier maintenance.
  • Transient overloads of up to 1000% of the rated admissible.
  • Highly robust and reliable (high MTBF).
  • Quiet operation.
  • Overvoltage surge supresion protection.
  • More than 80% recyclable materials.


  1. Display LCD
  2. Variable autotransformer
  3. Control PCB
  4. Input protection
  5. Input and output terminals
  6. Surge protection
  7. Motor supply transformer
  8. Booster transformer
Description EMi 3 - SALICRU


  1. Slot for SICRES remote management or RS-232 interface.
  2. RS-485 serial ports. MODBUS communications protocol.
  3. Programmable dry contact interface (x5).
  4. Digital input
Communications - EMi3 - SALICRU


  • Output current, power and overload measurement.
  • Maximum and minimum output voltage protection.
  • Manual and automatic bypass.
  • Overload contactor.
  • Communications and relay module.
  • Other regulation ranges.
  • Galvanic isolation transformer.
  • Output circuit breaker.
  • Extended ambient operating temperature from -20ºC.


Numerous maintenance and remote maintenance options (SICRES).

Technical specifications

emi3 technical specifications


emi3 specifications




Other regulation ranges

Other regulation ranges - SALICRU

These keep the output stabilised (with an accuracy of ±1%) with a higher/lower input voltage range than the series standard (±15%).

Overload contactor

Overload contactor - SALICRU

Equipment output overload protection. To reset to normal condition, no action is necessary as it is automatic once the alarm condition has disappeared.

Current/output power measurements

Current/output power measurements - SALICRU

Signal transformers to enable AC output current to be read and shown on the LCD display. The inclusion of this option also enables power and overload alarm readings to be displayed in the summary.

Manual bypass

Manual  bypass - SALICRU

Manual bypass and outgoing distribution module. Manual bypass is based on 5 position cam-switch combining inverter-static bypass-manual bypass. The outgoing distribution is based on four single pole circuit breakers.

Max / min voltage protection with automatic reset

Max / min voltage protection with automatic reset - SALICRU

Protection against over and under voltages at the output of the stabiliser. To reset the protection is not necessary any action, it is automatic completely.

Isolation transformer

Isolation transformer - SALICRU

Electrical device that provides galvanic isolation between input and output, and adjust tension.

Extended communications module

Extended communications module - SALICRU

This enables the equipment’s communication functions to be extended by increasing the potential-free contacts from 3 to 9 and adding a digital input for electrolyte level detection (only for open lead or NiCd batteries).

Heating resistor

Heating resistor - SALICRU

A resistor located inside the equipment to prevent internal condensation.