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Continuous regulation self-transformers

Leaders in continuous regulation of alternating voltage

SALICRU offers the ARC as a cheaper, safe, stronger means of having regulable alternating voltage with high precision, continuously and without interruptions.


Based on ARC (Continuous Regulation Self-transformer) blocks, toroidal or in columns, they may be supplied by single phase or three- phase, and be powers, for control from distance by means of an inertia-free servomotor with double direction turning and instant braking. They may also be made in a frame surround or be portable, and have measuring instruments such as voltmeters and/or ammeters.

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It is in the industrial processes where the most of the ARC applications are found. From lighting technique applications, galvanotechnics, galvanoplastia, electrolysis, temperature regulation in electric ovens, speed regulation, electrical tests and controls and voltage regulation, to forming part of practice benches in schools and polytechnic universities; all require precision variation of the output alternating voltage offered by the ARC .

Applications ARC - SALICRU


  • Broad margin input and output voltages, single phase and three-phase.
  • Possible single or double regulation in the three-phase systems.
  • Linear output voltage, with capacity to take values such as the number of coils in the core of the self-transformers.
  • Manual or powered regulation.

Technical specifications

arc technical specifications


arc specifications