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Variable frequency drives from 0.4 kW to 7.5 kW

General-purpose vector variable frequency drives

SALICRU’s Controlvit CV30 variable frequency drive series stands out for its design, reliability, compact size and ease of use. The high quality of its components, advanced features and versatility make it the ideal variable frequency drive for the actuation of low-power motors (0.4 kW to 7.5 kW) in the vast majority of applications, being available for both single-phase (230 VAC) and three-phase (400 VAC and 230 VAC) supply voltages.


Its advanced sensorless vector control, which has two different algorithms depending on the required performance, ensures high torque even when working at very low speeds. In addition to all of this, it features an automatic energy-saving function which achieves significant consumption reductions, mainly in ventilation, water treatment and irrigation applications.

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The CV30 can be incorporated into the vast majority of machinery, and can control pumps and fans. Some of its common applications are: belt conveyors, agitators, compressors, hoists, saws, vibrators, presses, polishers, barriers and high-speed doors, centrifugal and submersible pumps, blowers, separators, industrial washing machines, mobile trolleys, positioners, ornamental fountains, dispensers, air extraction equipment, fans, advertising and mobile stages, meat, textile and packaging machinery, etc.

Applications CV30 - SALICRU


  • Selectable control: V/f, sensorless vector or torque control.
  • EMC filter, built-in or optional for easy connection (depending on model).
  • Automatic motor auto tuning (static and dynamic).
  • 150% torque at 0.5 Hz.
  • Advanced PID process control.
  • Simple sleep/wake function for control of one pump.
  • Simple PLC (automatic cycle) and 16-speed multi-step control.
  • RS485 Modbus RTU communication.
  • Built-in potentiometer.
  • Remote control with removable or optional keypad (depending on model).
  • Intuitive parameter setting.
  • Compact size and side-by-side installation (depending on model).
  • DIN rail mounting (depending on model).
  • Built-in dynamic braking unit.
  • DC braking.
  • Automatic energy saving and kWh meter.
  • Pulse train input (max. 50 kHz).
  • Fly-start function.
  • Numerous inputs/outputs (4/5 digital inputs, 1 pulse input, 2 analogue inputs and 2 analogue outputs, 2 relay outputs, 1 transistor output).
  • Cooling fans with On/Off control and easy replacement.
  • Monitoring and parameter setting using VITdrive software.
  • SLC Greenergy solution.

Control Vectorial avanzado

In the event of a sudden change in load with the motor running at 0.5 Hz, the speed remains constant and the assembly is capable of providing the torque demanded at full load.

Control Vectorial avanzado CV10

Software VITdrive

  • Allows parameter setting of the equipment and facilitates commissioning and maintenance.
  • Local and remote monitoring.


  • Pre- and after-sales service.
  • Commissioning.
  • Telephone technical support.
  • Training courses.

Salicru warranty

  • Online registration at
  • 2-year warranty.





Software VITdrive V1.0.0.


Flange mounting pieces

Flange mounting pieces

They allow working in dusty environments without affecting the reliability and durability of the equipment. With this type of assembly, the drive electronics are in a clean space, while the radiator is exposed to the environment allowing heat dissipation.

Additional Keypads

Additional Keypads

They allow the remote control of the drives that have film type keypad, as well as the copy of parameters.

The CV50 series has an optional advanced LCD keypad that can replace the default LED keypad included on the drive.

It has 10 lines of information, and contains a brief explanation of each drive parameter and the different selection options.

Output chokes

Output chokes

These decrease peaks of voltage generated by the drive’s IGBT switching and the capacitive effect of the cable, short-circuiting high frequencies in common mode. They also prevent the premature ageing of the motor’s windings and bearings. Recommended for facilities in which the cable length between the drive and the motor is between 50 and 100 metres approximately.

EMC input filters with easy connection

EMC input filters with easy connection

All drives in the CV50 series and those in the CV30 series with three-phase power supply of 230 V ≥ 1.5 kW and 400 V ≥ 4 kW have a category C3 built-in EMC filter as per standard EN 61800-3. For the other drives, an optional category C3 EMC filter is available to connect in parallel to the input of the drive and located underneath, occupying a very small space.

Sine-wave filters

Sine-wave filters

These convert the output waveform of the drive into a pure sinusoid, eliminating any problems resulting from the drive’s IGBT switching.

This switching, together with the cable capacity, generates significant voltage peaks that can affect the insulation of the motor and lead to premature failure if this type of filter is not installed.

Highly recommended for facilities in which the cable length between the drive and the motor is greater than 100 metres.

It also enables motors in parallel to be connected to the same drive and emulate electrical mains (single-phase to three-phase switching, frequency changes, etc.).

Input reactors

Input reactors

These reduce the harmonics generated by the drive, protect it from overvoltages and micro-cuts, and limit line current.

Installation bracket and extension cable

Installation bracket and extension cable

This kit consists of an installation bracket for mounting the keypad on the door of the electric cabinet and an extension cable.

Braking resistors

Braking resistors

Braking resistors of ohmic value and power suitable for each drive. Encapsulated in aluminium or box mounted.

Side covers

Side covers

They are indicated for harsh environments, improving the protection of the drive. Its assembly involves derating the drive by 10%.