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SPS SOHO+ (frontal black)

Line-interactive UPS 400 VA - 2,000 VA

Full electric protection in office computer environments

SALICRU’s SPS SOHO+ series is a line-interactive UPS that incorporates an automatic voltage regulator (AVR), which attenuates all possible fluctuations in the input voltage and at the same time causes smaller use of the batteries, extending their life and assuring maximum autonomy if necessary. 


For better integration in the office computer environment, the SPS SOHO+ series equipment has a full, rear-lit LCD display that gives all information of the operating state of the units. It also has complete monitoring and management software through the USB communication port, which enables continuous control of the system status and allows controlled computer shutdown in the event of a long blackout when the system is left unattended.


Other outstanding functions include the Cold Start, which allows the system to be started in the absence of mains power; automatic self test performed on the unit every time it is started, and the incorporation of schuko type socket to allow any kind of load to be connected.


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The range of powers available covers 400, 600, 800, 1,000, 1,400 and 2,000 VA, with protection from single post stations to small computer networks comprising a server plus several associated posts, the network electronics and the necessary peripherals.   

The information stored in the computer systems is the most important value for any company’s operation. If it is lost or damaged, it can cause serious harm so optimal protection is essential.

Applications SPS SOHO + - SALICRU


  • Line-interactive UPS.
  • Automatic voltage regulation AVR.
  • LCD display with information on all parameters.
  • UPS/PC communication via USB port.
  • Monitoring software for Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac.
  • Cold Start function to allow start-up without mains.
  • Automatic restart when mains returns.
  • Resettable input heat protection.
  • Schuko type sockets.
  • Data/modem line protection.
  • Hot Swap function for changing batteries without shutting down.
  • Automatic frequency detector 50/60 Hz.
  • Self test on unit start-up.
  • Protected against overloading, transient and short circuits.
  • SLC Greenergy solution.


  1. AC input.
  2. Output sockets.
  3. USB communication port.
  4. Data / ADSL line protection.
  5. Thermal input protection.
Description  SPS SOHO + - SALIDRU


Input voltage.

Output voltage.

Line mode (AVR stabilisation).

Load level.

Battery capacity.

Autonomy mode.



  • UPS monitoring and management software enabling a controlled computer shutdown in the event of prolonged blackout.
  • Valid for Windows, Unix, Linux and Mac.
  • Download using the top menu.
Software - SPS SOHO+ - SALICRU

Techinical Specifications

Technical Specifications SPS SOHO+



Software Winpower

  • IBM Aix 4.3x/5.1x/5.2x/5.3x - 49.48M Download
  • Winpower_setup_FreeBSD.tar - 21.63M Download
  • Winpower_setup_HpUx.tar - 33.26M Download
  • Winpower_setup_Linux.tar - 121.39M Download
  • Winpower_setup_LinuxAMD64.tar - 118.22M Download
  • Winpower_setup_MacOSX.tar - 28.53M Download
  • Winpower_setup_MacOSX10.7andLater - 27.68M Download
  • Winpower_setup_Solaris.tar - 9.96M Download
  • Winpower_setup_Unix.tar - 28.85M Download
  • Winpower_setup_Windows - 101.54M Download


  • Serial Number "511C1-01220-0100-478DF2A“ es
  • SLC.400.SOHO+
    400 VA
  • SPS.400.SOHO+ UK
    400 VA
  • SLC.600.SOHO+
    600 VA
  • SPS.600.SOHO+ UK
    600 VA
  • SPS.800.SOHO+
    800 VA
  • SPS.800.SOHO+ UK
    800 VA
  • SLC.1000.SOHO+
    1000 VA
  • SPS.1000.SOHO+ UK
    1000 VA
  • SLC.1400.SOHO+
    1400 VA
  • SPS.1400.SOHO+ UK
    1400 VA
  • SLC.2000.SOHO+
    2000 VA
  • SPS.2000.SOHO+ UK
    2000 VA