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SPS HOME (2013-2017)

Off-line UPS 400 VA & 600 VA

Full protection for office and domestic equipments

The numerous types of electrical disturbances (e.g. mains failures, power cuts, blackouts, over-voltages,…) arising from the various causes (e.g. storms, lightning, excessive demand, natural disasters, accidents etc...) present problems to all electricity users, and a constant challenge to all computer users who depend on a correct and stable power supply to be able to work safely and efficiently. Electrical problems are responsible for the largest number of faults in computer systems, far more even than those caused by computer viruses. The best solution is therefore to seek protection with an Uninterruptible Power Supply.


The Salicru SPS HOME series Uninterruptible Power Supply, with Off-line technology, come in power ratings of 400 VA and 600 VA and are the best possible protection for both domestic and professional single-post computer environments.


Each UPS provides 6 output sockets with sufficient capacity for the central unit and all of the associated peripherals. In order to achieve greater total protection, telephone/ADSL protection is provided, preventing the entry of overvoltages and/or electrical noise through the telephone line. Completing the overall protection, the UPS units come complete with monitoring and file closing software to facilitate orderly shutdowns in the event of extended power cuts.


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Designed in multiple base format, the SPS HOME series UPS have 6 schuko bases duly turned to enable trafo connections and with child protection by obturators, with a capacity in computer systems to protect both the PC and all of its associated peripherals (screen, printer, external hard disk, router, …

Applications SPS HOME - SALICRU


  • Off-line technology.
  • Multiple base design with 6 schuko sockets.
  • 4 sockets with UPS protection; all sockets with over-voltage protection.
  • On/Off multifunction pushbutton.
  • Self-detection of 50 or 60 Hz frequency.
  • LEDs indicating mains, battery mode and battery failure.
  • USB port for monitoring and file closing software.
  • Telephone/ADSL line protection by RJ-45 port.
  • Batteries user replaceable.
  • Cold Start function.
  • Anchoring for wall fixture.
  • Automatic restart after each power cut and at the end of autonomy.
  • Economic guarantee for connected units up to €70,000.(1)
  • (1) Only European Union countries


  1. 4 x UPS sockets.
  2. 2 x over-voltage protection sockets.
  3. On/Off multifunction pushbutton.
  4. LED indicators.
  5. AC input.
  6. USB port.
  7. RJ-45 telephone/ADSL protection.
  8. Protection breaker.
  9. Anchoring for wall fixture.
Description SPS HOME - SALICRU


  • 2-year warranty.
  • On-line registry at
  • Economic guarantee.
  • Replacement of defective product  at user’s Office/Home.(1)
  • Batteries covered by the warranty.

(1) Consult countries with this service


  • PS monitoring and management software for closing files/applications.
  • Supports Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac.
  • Download using the top menu.

Techinical Specifications

Technical Specifications SPS HOME - SALICRU



Software Winpower

  • Winpower_setup_AIX.tar - 49.48M Download
  • Winpower_setup_FreeBSD.tar - 21.63M Download
  • Winpower_setup_HpUx.tar - 33.26M Download
  • Winpower_setup_Linux.tar - 121.39M Download
  • Winpower_setup_LinuxAMD64.tar - 118.22M Download
  • Winpower_setup_MacOSX.tar - 28.53M Download
  • Winpower_setup_MacOSX10.7andLater - 27.68M Download
  • Winpower_setup_Solaris.tar - 9.96M Download
  • Winpower_setup_Unix.tar - 28.85M Download
  • Winpower_setup_Windows - 101.54M Download
  • SPS.400.HOME
    400 VA
  • SPS.600.HOME
    600 VA