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On-line double-conversion modular rack UPS 10 to 750 kW

Modularity, optimisation and efficiency in electrical safety for data centres

Salicru’s SLC ADAPT X series UPSs are on-line double-conversion modular solutions for superior electrical protection, featuring DSP control and three-level IGBT technology.


Modularity: The range of modules available -10, 15 and 25 kW- together with the different configurable systems -2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 modules per system- enables adaptation to any environment, with the option of paralleling systems to achieve greater protection or increased power. Preventative diagnosis and frontal extraction of the modules drastically reduces intervention times (MTTR) and increases the availability of the system.


Optimisation: High power density, 25 kW modules occupying only 2U of height require less space in data centres and reduce installation costs. Moreover, expenditure can be optimised by simply adding new modules in line with the pace of growth of the data centre.


Efficiency: The modules with a unity output power factor (kVA = kW) operate with an efficiency of 95-96% and a very flat performance curve for all working modes, resulting in less exertion when cooling and significant energy savings. They also feature various operating modes (Eco-mode, Hibernation, Smart-Efficiency, etc.), which further increase the performance and efficiency of the system.

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Salicru’s SLC ADAPT X series modular solutions ensure reliability, quality and continuity and provide improved protection for small and medium-power data centres, both modular and virtualised, as well as IT infrastructures and applications for associated critical processes, avoiding the enormous costs resulting from interruptions in the operation of data centres.



  • Modular on-line double-conversion UPS solutions.
  • Output power factor PF=1 (kVA=kW).
  • High power density with 10, 15 and 25 kW modules occupying only 2U of height.
  • Maximum flexibility with 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 module systems.
  • Parallel growth, up to 750 kW.
  • Hot-pluggable and swappable plug & play modules.
  • Input power factor >0.99.
  • Flexible configurations 1/1, 1/3, 3/1 and 3/3.(1)
  • Models at 120/127 V and 3x208/220 V.(2)
  • 7” LCD colour touchscreen, LEDs and keypad.
  • On-line mode efficiency of up to 96%.
  • Eco-mode operation for improved efficiency.
  • Smart-Efficiency mode to extend the life of the modules.
  • Smart charger of up to 20% of the power of the system.
  • RS-232, RS-485 and potential-free contact communication channels.
  • Smart slots for SNMP and parallel kit.
  • Multi-platform management and monitoring software.
  • SLC Greenergy solution.

(1) For systems with 10 kW modules. (2) For systems with 2 or 3 10 kW modules.

7” colour touchscreen

Large touchpanel display that provides status information and useful records.

7” colour touchscreen

Operating modes

On-line mode: Rectifier and charger operating. The load is powered by the inverter.

Battery mode: Power supply failure. Battery in discharge; the inverter powers the load.

Bypass mode: UPS transfers to bypass due to overload or abnormal situation in the device. The load is powered via the bypass.

Eco-mode: Mode for increasing the system’s total efficiency, up to 99%

Frequency converter mode: For facilities where mains frequency is not adequate for the loads (50/60 Hz or 60/50 Hz).

Hibernation mode: Programmable system for cycling the modules to extend their life.

Smart-efficiency mode: Distribution of the loads among the fewest number of modules possible to seek peak operating efficiency.

Techinical Specifications

Techinical Specifications




RCCMD Software


UPS managing and monitoring in a heterogeneous IT networks, where different platforms coexist, becomes almos impossible, because the less common operating systems on the market do not have that such software.The RCCMD is an application that allows the simultaneous and secure shutdown of the 95% of existing platforms. Like the most comprehensive monitoring software, the RCCMD can send messages or commands to different clients of the network.

UNMS II Software


For those networks which have more than one UPS to feed it and it requires a concentration monitoring from a single command post, UNMS II software (UPS Network Managament System) is the ideal solution. UNMS II allows managing multiple installations of all those units that have an Ethernet adapter SNMP / Web Adapter and / or sensors. UNMS II packages are available in 9, 25, 50 or 150 licenses.



Monitoring, managing and alarm system for lead-acid batteries. Ensures the full operation of the battery system, preventing unexpected or unnoticed failures caused by defective batteries. System Components: WebManager, battery modules, associated bus

Ethernet/SNMP Web Adapter

Ethernet/SNMP Web Adapter - SALICRU

SNMP adapter to integrate the equipment in a IT network by using an IP address. It includes adapter, CD with programming software, configuration cable, MIB (Management Information Base) and user manual. Available in card or box formats.

Battery modules

Battery modules

For backup requirements greater than standard, one or several battery modules connected to the UPS can be installed.

Cable for parallel installations

Cable for parallel installations - SALICRU

Communications cable for simple or redundant parallel installations.

Remote control

Remote control

Remote panel shows the status of the UPS, in real time, by means of a touch screen, through the RS485 communication port.

Backfeed protection

Backfeed protection

Backfeed protection provides additional protection to the input in the event that the bypass thyristors suffer a short circuit. Use of the internal backfeed contactor in the bypass line provides security in fault situations occurring in the static bypass line and prevents power from rising in the input.

Separate bypass line

Separate bypass line

 For facilities with dual power supply, enabling the separation of inverter and bypass line power supplies.

External manual bypass

External manual bypass - SALICRU

External Manual Bypass to make maintenance tasks, by isolating the equipment electrically. Bypass type make Before break

Input/output voltage configurations

Input/output voltage configurations

Consult us for possible single/single-phase, three/single-phase and single/three-phase input/output configurations.

Autotranformer for other voltages

Autotranformer for other voltages - SALICRU

It used to adapt the equipment to other different nominal voltages 3x380 / 400/415 + N V.

Isolation transformer

Isolation transformer - SALICRU

Electrical device that provides galvanic isolation between input and output, and adjust tension.

  • SLC2/10-ADAPT 20X
    20000 VA
  • SLC2/15-ADAPT 30X
    30000 VA
  • SLC4/10-ADAPT 40X
    40000 VA
  • SLC3/15-ADAPT 45X
    45000 VA
  • SLC6/10-ADAPT 60X
    60000 VA
  • SLC6/15-ADAPT 90X
    90000 VA
  • SLC8/25-ADAPT 200X
    200000 VA