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UBT: a new series of rechargeable batteries

Dilluns, 14 november 2016
  • UBT: a new series of rechargeable batteries

Salicru expands its range of products with the launch of its UBT series of rechargeable AGM batteries. These are extremely powerful and compact energy accumulators based on rechargeable lead-lead dioxide systems.


This new range of Salicru UBT batteries includes models with capacities of 7, 9, 12, 17 and 24 Ah, all at 12 V. They are particularly suitable for UPSs and other security systems that require reliable and high-quality energy back-up, such as emergency lighting systems, signalling systems, communications and electrical equipment, broadcasting systems, lift automation panels, electronic cash registers, etc.


UBT batteries are completely sealed and watertight and therefore maintenance free, enabling them to be used in any position. And, among other benefits, they are not subject to air transport restrictions since they comply with IATA and ICAO regulations.


The data sheet for the UBT battery series can be downloaded here.

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