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The sales in Poland increases a 50%

Wednesday, 12 march 2008

Salicru has increased a 50% the sales of the last financial year in Poland. And although the presence in this country goes back to more than ten years ago through distributors, the commercial representation office has an antiquity of one year and half only. The forecast sales for the following financial year is to increase in 50% more the sales. The opening of this office, besides assisting to the Polish market, represents a sale platform for the Baltic countries. 

One of the last successful contracts has been the sales and installation of twenty-one UPS, through the distributor CAMCO, to the new Hospital of the Ministry of Interior sited in Warsaw. The management of the hospital decided to install Salicru equipments again due to the good results obtained with the Salicru’s UPS that they had so far. Eighteen of the total twenty-one equipments have been installed in the new sanitary building; the three remaining ones protect the modernized divisions of gynaecology, obstetrics and neurosurgery.

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