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The new Hotel Jumeirah 5* GL in Majorca calls on Salicru to protect its computer and surveillance equipment

Monday, 8 may 2012

The Jumeirah Port de Sóller Hotel & Spa was opened in Majorca at the end of April. This is the first grand luxury five star establishment of the Jumeirah Group of Dubai in Spain, the group responsible, amongst other things, for the Burj al Arab, a 321-metre tower on the Dubai coastline in the form of a sail, considered the most luxurious hotel in the world.

The hotel is built on 18,000 m2 of land and has 120 rooms and suites, large terraces and balconies opening on to Port de Sóller and the Mediterranean, and with views too of the Tramuntana mountain range declared Heritage of Mankind by UNESCO in the category of cultural scenery. The luxurious building also has a 3,300 m2 spa divided into thirteen rooms for treatment, gymnasium and sauna.

In order to guarantee a continuous, reliable power supply, the group from Dubai has called on Salicru to protect its electrical equipment with Uninterruptible Power Supply sources (UPS). The supply included 29 SLC CUBE3 and SLC TWIN series UPS of between 1 and 20 kVA, to protect the control room of the surveillance systems and for the hotel’s computer server equipment

The SLC TWIN series with double conversion on-line technology includes the most advanced development capable of facing the most critical situations in problems with the grid, protecting any kind of load and assuring the quality and continuity of the electrical supply, and integrates perfectly into computer, industrial and telecommunications environments.

The great flexibility and adaptability of Salicru’s SLC CUBE3 series make it the best option for protecting and securing a wide range of installations: data centres (computation centres, centralised sale/distribution systems, hosting, housing,…), IT-networks (server farms, local computer networks, network switches and hubs,…), financial services (bank offices, automatic cash dispensers, card payment authorisation systems,…), industrial processes (productive and control systems, industrial machinery, emergency and lighting systems,…), telecommunications (voice and data networks, radio and TV systems, repeater stations,…) and infrastructures (hospitals, airports, tunnels,…).

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