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The Cantabrian Hydrographic Confederation (Confederación Hidrográfica del Cantábrico) entrusts Salicru with the energy protection of its DPC

Friday, 8 november 2013

The Cantabrian Hydrographic Confederation’s Data Center (DC) in Oviedo (Spain) is protected by Salicru’s Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) solution, the SLC CUBE3 series. In this type of facility, it is critical to ensure the security of stored data and continuity of service to customers, employees, citizens, suppliers and partner companies.

The effectiveness of DCs is inextricably linked to the ability to physically protect computer or communications equipment, as well as database servers that can contain information that is especially critical and/or sensitive. Salicru has the technology and know-how to offer clients customised solutions in this area. The great flexibility and adaptability of Salicru’s SLC CUBE3 series make it the best protection and security option available for a wide range of facilities, such as: data centres (computer centres, centralised sales/distribution systems, hosting, installation of servers, etc.), IT networks (server farms, local computer networks, network switches and hubs, etc.), financial services (bank branches, ATMs, credit cards, payment authorisation systems, etc.), industrial processes (production and control systems, industrial machinery, emergency lighting systems, etc.), telecommunications (voice and data networks, radio and TV systems, repeater stations, etc.) and infrastructures (hospitals, airports, tunnels, etc.).  

Designed to provide maximum efficiency and energy savings, Salicru’s SLC CUBE3 series, which has a power range from 7.5 to 200 kVA, is capable of responding to the growing needs of protection and security at many different types of facility.These three-phase, on-line, double-conversion UPS systems are highly compact and easy to install.The incorporation of PWM-tranformerless technology also provides greater reliability and security by enabling easy adaptation to more diverse and complicated loads.  

In the field of DCs, flexibility and scalability are becoming highly important considerations. Because of this, Salicru’s R&D team has also recently developed other versatile products, such as the modular UPS system, SLC ADAPT, and has reversioned other existing systems, such as the SLC TWIN RT and the SPS ADVANCE RT, providing them with the possibility of being installed in rack format, which enables them to adapt to the growth needs of companies.

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