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New 120-volt UPSs

Monday, 2 july 2019
  • New 120-volt UPSs

Salicru renews its range of UPS solutions in 100-127 V models, specifically in the SLC TWIN PRO2 and SLC TWIN RT2 series, which, from now on, will incorporate 100-127 volt models in its 0 to 10 kVA power range.


Featuring on-line double conversion technology, SLC TWIN PRO2 and SLC TWIN RT2 series UPSs offer their protection in sensitive environments such as ERP systems, server systems, business intelligence (BI), CRM solutions, voice and data networks, corporate networks and document management. They offer tower (SLC TWIN PRO2) or convertible tower/rack (SLC TWIN RT2) solutions with unity output power factor (VA=W), backup extension options and extensive communication possibilities.


These models are designed to meet demand from countries that use this type of voltage, such as the United States, Canada and Mexico in North America; Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador and Cuba in Central America; and Brazil and Colombia in South America, as well as Asian countries such as Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and North Korea.

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