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SPS SAFE MASTER 6L from Salicru. Smart Protection to avoid 'vampire consumption' in computing and multimedia equipment

Thursday, 29 may 2014

The widespread introduction and use of computer and multimedia systems in the home, as well as the valuable information stored and handled by them, make it imperative to have adequate protection for the equipment against surges in the network, overloads and other electrical interference. 

On the other hand, the majority of these computers are the source of the so-called "vampire consumption" or "ghost consumption". That is to say, the energy used by the electrical equipment when not in use, but connected to the power. Some devices in common use that have this type of consumption are: televisions, DVD, Blu-ray, satellite set-top boxes, game consoles, PCs and peripherals, among others. Disabling them completely will not only reduce your electricity bill, but also carbon dioxide emissions, which are a cause of climate change and other environmental impacts resulting from the production of electricity. 

In order to avoid this type of unnecessary parasite consumption, it is recommended that you disconnect the equipment from the socket. However, consumers often have several pieces of "vampire" equipment and use them frequently, and simultaneously, so that it can be more convenient to use power strips or multi-contact switches, depending on the number of devices, to disconnect the power supply.

Salicru, a leading company in the field of consumer electronics, has in its portfolio a smart surge-protector, the SPS Safe Master 6L. It is the best ally for advanced protection of office electronics and multimedia, including entertainment systems and home leisure-based audiovisual environments. With a lightweight and compact design, it includes 6 Schuko sockets: a master socket to which the main equipment is connected, and 5 slave sockets to which peripherals are connected. When you turn off the main equipment, the rest of the peripherals are automatically disconnected, with a response time of

For standard household consumption, its use can mean a saving of up to €30 per year. The price of the SPS Master 6L on the market is less than the savings achieved, and so in less than a year, the investment is amortized and, from this moment on, represents cumulative savings year upon year.

Among its benefits, it also incorporates other advantages such as: protection against power surges, an EMI / RFI filter, protection for the telephone/data line, conveniently arranged power points for easy connection with shutters for child protection, a cable indicator and retracting cable to make it easier to handle, indicator lights for power and surge monitoring and a wall mounting bracket. The range also includes a guarantee insurance policy of up to €60,000 for connected electrical equipment.

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