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Off-line APFC multi-socket UPS 650 VA and 850 VA

Ideal multi-socket solution for office or home environments

Salicru’s SPS HOME series UPSs boast off-line technology, are available in 650 and 850 VA powers, feature a 6-socket design and have the capacity to protect loads with active power factor correction (APFC).


All of the 6 sockets feature overvoltage protection and 4 of them have autonomy backup for power failure situations. All of them are also conveniently orientated for easy connection of power supply transformers and are shuttered for child protection. To complete the protection, they also feature RJ45 sockets to protect telephone/ADSL/Ethernet connections from overvoltages and/or electrical noise.


And to facilitate the management and control of the UPS, the USB interface incorporates the HID protocol, which allows the configuration of parameters and the closing/hibernation of the PC. There is also the option of software packages for the monitoring and orderly closing of files for Windows, Linux and Mac.

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In the event of electrical disturbances –outages, micro-cuts, overvoltages and voltage spikes– as a result of various causes – storms, lightning, excessive demand and natural disasters– the best protection for all computer users who depend on a stable and correct power supply in a UPS. Salicru’s SPS HOME series is, thanks to its multiple sockets, the ideal protection for single-user systems and all of their associated peripherals (HDD, monitor, printer (*), NAS, router/modem/switch, etc.).

(*) Laser printers must only be connected to the overvoltage protection sockets (surge protector).

Applications: Multiple protection against overvoltages and with backup reserve


  • Off-line technology.
  • 6 socket design (schuko or BS1363).
  • 4 (schuko) or 3 (BS1363) x sockets with UPS reserve and line protection.
  • 2 (schuko) or 3 (BS1363) x sockets with line protection.
  • Orientated sockets for easy connection.
  • Compatibility with APFC loads.(1)
  • USB interface with HID protocol.
  • Downloadable software for Windows, Linux and Mac.
  • Telephone line/ADSL + Ethernet network protection 10/100 Mb.
  • User-replaceable battery, battery swap function.
  • Automatic restart after mains outage or end of backup.
  • Cold-start function.
  • Backlit On/Off button.
  • Auto-detection of operating frequency (50/60 Hz).
  • Economic warranty (up to €70,000) for connected equipment.

(1) APFC: Active Power Factor Correction.


  1. 4 x UPS backup + overvoltage protection sockets.
  2. 2 x overvoltage protection sockets.
  3. On/Off button.
  4. AC input.
  5. USB-HID interface.
  6. RJ45 telephone/ADSL/Ethernet protection.
  7. Resettable protection circuit breaker.
  8. Replaceable battery, battery swap.

Compatibility with APFC loads

The vast majority of power supplies for electronic devices are switched-mode (SMPS) and they are increasingly being equipped with active power factor correction (APFC) to minimise distortion caused to the electrical line. SPS HOME UPSs are compatible with all devices that incorporate these functionalities.

Salicru warranty

  • Online registration at
  • 2-year warranty.
  • Batteries covered by the warranty.

Techinical Specifications

Techinical Specifications



PowerMaster 1.0.4


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  • SPS.650.HOME
    650 VA
  • SPS.850.HOME
    850 VA