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SPS Auto: the ideal companion for your holidays

Friday, 27 june 2014

Enjoy your car journeys without worrying about the state of your mobile phone battery or the charging of your digital camera with SPS Auto. An ideal companion for any trip or journey, Salicru’s current converter provides the electrical power you need, both in alternating voltage at 230 VAC and direct voltage at 5 VDC, from the 12 volt DC voltage supplied by your car battery.

The input connection is the car’s (or vessel’s) cigarette lighter socket, the output is a 230 VAC Schuko plug with a 150 W power rating and the 5 VDC output is by means of a USB port with a 2 A load, which enables small devices, such as smartphones and tablets, to be powered directly. It also features an on/off switch and a forced ventilation system. 

The SPS AUTO is small in size, identical to a drinks can, has an aluminium outer body and provides power that is suitable for the most common portable devices: mobile phones, cameras and camcorders, game consoles, laptops and other small appliances. 

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