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Salicru is a company that is committed to the environment and society, and uses a management model based on the values and principles of progress and solidarity.

Its commitment to society involves working towards a better, more humane and caring world, and, to achieve this, it regularly collaborates with charitable organisations on diverse social projects.

At international level, Salicru cooperates with the projects of the NGO Ayuda en Acción in different countries. In Mexico, in conjunction with the Mexican Children’s Cancer Association (AMANC), it has donated funds to purchase cancer drugs for use in chemotherapy sessions.

In Peru, it co-funds a rural electrification project that helps improve the quality of children’s education at Apan Bajo School in Bambarca. Thanks to the project, the school now has electrical power supplied through photovoltaic systems which make it possible for the children to use audiovisual and computer systems.

In Spain, Salicru collaborates with the social projects of the Spanish Red Cross, of which it is a Corporate Sponsor, supporting its Department of Social Intervention to improve the quality of life of people who lack economic, social, cultural and healthcare opportunities.

Salicru has also donated equipment free of charge to several non-profit organisations, such as Obinso in Barcelona, a foundation dedicated to helping the most disadvantaged social sectors; Margotu in Bilbao, an association that assists people with special difficulties to gain employment; and Manos de Ayuda Social in Madrid, a charity that runs the Ventas soup kitchen to feed the hungry.

And in its immediate surroundings, Salicru supports cultural, social and sports activities in Palautordera and Baix Montseny, including sponsorship of all of the teams of Palautordera Handball Club with the aim of promoting local sport and all of its associated values. The club is over 60 years old and has a long history of competing in the national championships.

Salicru also supports employees who participate in the sports of mountain biking, triathlon, cycling and running.