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SLC X-TRA: high-performance protection for large critical applications

Friday, 17 february 2017
  • SLC X-TRA, protección de altas prestaciones para grandes aplicaciones críticas

Notable among Salicru’s top-of-the-range UPS systems is its SLC X-TRA series, a technological solution that is ideal for large critical applications and stands out for its high reliability and performance.


In recent months, several devices from this series have been installed in organisations from many different sectors around the world: The National Centre for Microbiology, Spain; Pramerica, Ireland; the Children’s Hospital of Vilnius, Lithuania; Etecsa, Cuba; St Joseph’s Hospital, Jamaica; and Textile Manufacturer Corp, Bangladesh.


The SLC X-TRA series uses the VFI operating mode and has been developed with IGBT double-conversion and DSP control technology, which provides significant installation and operation cost savings while offering maximum protection for the connected loads.


With power ratings ranging from 100 to 800 kVA and a parallel option of up to 3.2 MVA, the SLC X-TRA features a very compact design that enables it to be easily stored in data centres and facilities associated with IT networks, financial services, industrial processes, telecommunications and infrastructures.


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