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SLC X-TRA, high performance protection for critical large applications

Thursday, 3 november 2011

Salicru’s new SLC X-TRA series is one of the most reliable and high performing three-phase Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems (UPS) on the market and provides quality protection and energy for a wide range of applications. Based on IFV (Independent Frequency and Voltage) operation, it was developed with double conversion and DSP control technology enabling considerable savings in operation and installation costs, while offering maximum protection for the connected loads.

With powers ranging from 100 to 800 kVA, the very compact form of the SLC X-TRA makes it easy to place and install and also increases the system’s reliability by connecting several units in redundancy or growing in parallel format in line with the needs of the project. Another of the advantages of these units is their Batt-Watch system that extends the battery life, reduces maintenance costs and allows recharging in a minimum time, so provides greater safety.

Its performance makes it an ideal solution for critical large applications as a data centre (assuring the functionality of the environments and anticipating the losses caused by mains crashes); IT-Networks (avoiding the costs caused by interrupted availability or loss of information); financial services (maintaining the on-line operativity of financial transactions and operations); industrial processes (protecting productivity in electrically complicated environments); telecommunications (preventing power supply failures that might suspend communications between those connected); and all kinds of infrastructures (by safeguarding the instruments/equipment and assuring correct system management).

To achieve maximum system output, these units can be complemented by permanent technical coverage with Salicru’s qualified technical support based on the company’s more than 45 years’ experience in the sector and a wide range of preventive and corrective services, 7x24 coverage and telemaintenance.

SLC X-TRA comes onto the market with the Greenergy SLC Solutions stamps, the range of Salicru products conceived especially for increased efficiency and energy savings. This series has also been designed to offer the best guarantees in meeting the customers’ requirements and needs and to respect the most demanding environmental regulations. Salicru is ISO-9001 quality and ISO-14001 environmentally certified.

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