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Uninterruptible power supplies 80 to 400 kVA

High critical power facilities protected by high functionalities

Salicru’s SLC X-PERT series consists of three-phase UPSs that combine very low total cost of ownership (TCO) with very high efficiency and compact design, providing high-quality uninterruptible power for all critical applications. The technology incorporated offers one of the highest efficiencies on the market in VFI mode and 100% of expected battery life.


The SLC X-PERT series maximises the use of the surface occupied thanks to its high power density design. Models from 200 kVA have complete front access, precluding the need for side or rear space, making them easy to maintain and installable side by side, back to back or against a wall. The common battery option further enhances the ability of the SLC X-PERT series to deliver low footprint solutions, freeing space for other equipment.

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Data centres: They ensure the functionality of environments and prevent losses caused by mains failures.

IT networks: They help minimise costs caused by interruption in availability or loss of information.

Financial services: They maintain the on-line operability of financial transactions.

Industrial processes: They protect productivity in electrically complicated environments.

Telecommunications: They prevent supply failures that could suspend communications between subscribers.

Infrastructures: They safeguard instruments/equipment and ensure the correct management of systems.



  • On-line, double-conversion and DSP control technology.
  • Output power factor 1 (VA=W).
  • Input current distortion rate (THDi) <3%.
  • Double input connection to increase availability.
  • Input power factor >0.99.
  • High energy efficiency, between 95% and 96% in normal mode and up to 97% in high-efficiency mode.
  • No transformer in the inverter, compact design and less weight.
  • Parallel system for redundancy or capacity purposes.
  • Monitoring and care of batteries with Batt-Watch and longer life in high-efficiency mode.
  • Compatible with power generators.
  • 10” touch screen for all models.
  • Selectable on-line/eco-mode operation.
  • Calculation of the backup available in the event of lengthy power cuts.
  • Extended life for consumables.
  • Wide range of options available.
  • SLC Greenergy solution.

High-efficiency mode:

High-efficiency operating mode disconnects the DC bus battery when it is fully charged, enabling the DC voltage to be lowered to achieve performance of up to 97% working in on-line mode and in turn protecting and extending the life of the batteries.

Parallel systems featuring UPSs with different powers

For cases in which there is only one UPS and, due to expansion needs, it is necessary to install another device in parallel, the SLC X-PERT series enables two devices with different powers to parallel each other in parallel systems of 2 units. For example, a power of 125 kVA with a 100 kVA device.


  • Parallel/redundant kit.
  • Extended backup times.
  • Common rectifier/bypass input.
  • SNMP adapter.
  • NIMBUS adapter for remote management.
  • External output voltage synchronism.
  • Backfeed protection.
  • Transformer.
  • Battery temperature sensor.
  • Top cable entry.
  • External maintenance bypass.
  • Modbus protocol.

Total availability

  • Pre- and after-sales service. 
  • Commissioning.
  • Telephone technical support.
  • Preventative/corrective intervention.
  • Maintenance contracts.
  • Remote maintenance contracts.
  • Training courses.

Techinical Specifications

X-PERT Techinical Specifications


X-PERT gama


Parallel/redundant kit

Parallel/redundant kit

A kit for installations needing to grow in power or redundancy in the system, enabling the different units to be interconnected.

Ethernet/SNMP Web Adapter

Ethernet/SNMP Web Adapter - SALICRU

SNMP adapter to integrate the equipment in a IT network by using an IP address. It includes adapter, CD with programming software, configuration cable, MIB (Management Information Base) and user manual. Available in card or box formats.

MODBUS Protocol


Public and industrial communication protocol that allows controlling and monitoring of the device. Communication over an RS-232 port.

External manual bypass

External manual bypass - SALICRU

External Manual Bypass to make maintenance tasks, by isolating the equipment electrically. Bypass type make Before break

Top cable entry

Top cable entry - SALICRU

To facilitate suspended ceiling, cable tray or aerial electrical installations, the power cable entry is on the top of the equipment.

Isolation transformer

Isolation transformer - SALICRU

Electrical device that provides galvanic isolation between input and output, and adjust tension.

Backfeed protection

Backfeed protection

Backfeed protection provides additional protection to the input in the event that the bypass thyristors suffer a short circuit. Use of the internal backfeed contactor in the bypass line provides security in fault situations occurring in the static bypass line and prevents power from rising in the input.

Battery modules

Battery modules

For backup requirements greater than standard, one or several battery modules connected to the UPS can be installed.

Common rectifier/bypass input

Common rectifier/bypass input

For installations where only one electricity connection is available to power the UPS, it is possible to connect both inputs (rectifier and bypass) using a cable jumper.

NIMBUS adapter for remote management

NIMBUS adapter for remote management

The NIMBUS adapter has two versions:

- SNMP adapter version, which enables the device to be integrated into a computer network using an IP address. Management information bases (MIB) are provided for correct integration into the system.

- Remote maintenance service through an Internet connection, making it possible to know the state of a complete system of devices at all times and to overcome possible device faults, and providing a constant global view of the installation and all kinds of graphics and statistics.

External output voltage synchronism

External output voltage synchronism

The Load Sync option enables the output of the UPS to be synchronised when working in the inverter phase with an external power supply. Two versions available: Load Sync for single devices and Load Sync for parallel systems. Load Sync for single devices synchronises the inverters of two totally separate devices, while the Load Sync for parallel systems performs the same function but between two or several UPS systems connected in parallel. In order to connect both devices/systems correctly, it is necessary for them to be at a distance of less than 10cm.

Sonde de température de batteries

Sonde de température de batteries

La sonde de température permet de compenser la tension de flottation des batteries en fonction de la température du lieu où elles sont installées, que ce soit dans une salle séparée ou dans des armoires totalement séparées de l’onduleur.

  • SLC-80-XPERT
    80000 VA
  • SLC-100-XPERT
    100000 VA
  • SLC-125-XPERT
    125000 VA
  • SLC-160-XPERT
    160000 VA
  • SLC-200-XPERT
    200000 VA
  • SLC-250-XPERT
    250000 VA
  • SLC-300-XPERT
    300000 VA
  • SLC-400-XPER4
    400000 VA