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Exceptional situation COVID19

Dilluns, 30 march 2020
  • Situación excepcional COVID19

Due to the exceptional nature of the current situation and the constant and rapid evolution of events, at Salicru we have adapted to protect the health of our employees and our clients as much as possible, but at the same time keep the service as much as possible.


The measures taken today and since 30th March are:


- Our company continues to operate and we continue to supply products for all type of activities.


- Our continuous attention through the usual ways of communication:


Tel: +34 938 482 400 (you can locate all our branches here)
e-mail: (and all our commercial and technical support emails)


- Our timetable are from Monday to Friday from 08:00 am to 14:00 pm.


- We continue to deliver merchandise in the shortest possible time.


- We value any change that occurs and act accordingly to minimize the effect on our customers.

Although it is difficult to predict the impact of the COVID-19 situation, please be assured that we have the people, technology and tools to continue serving our customers during these unique and challenging times.


From here, we want to take the opportunity to thank all the members of the Salicru team for their dedication and all our clients and collaborators for their trust.


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