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Salicru will be presenting its data centre solutions at the @asLAN 2014 “Cloud&Network Future” Conference

Dilluns, 24 march 2014

Salicru will be attending the 21st edition of the "Congreso y Exposición @asLAN.2014"  to be held on 23 and 24 April at IFEMA-Feria de Madrid’s Centro de Convenciones Norte  (stand 14). During the event, in the exhibition area, Salicru will be presenting new  products from its catalogue that are ideal for data centres, such as its new, compact,  flexible and modular DC POWER-S system for the redundant protection of critical  applications.

It will also be exhibiting other solutions from its UPS range, such as  the fully modular SLC ADAPT, and the rack-mountable SLC TWIN RT and SPS ADVANCE RT  series, which offer the same features as their equivalent series, but with the  possibility of being integrated into 19” cabinets in data centre installations.   In an increasingly technological environment, companies, governments and large  corporations, from Green IT to data centres, and the new trend of virtualisation and  cloud computing, are becoming increasingly aware of the need to improve energy  efficiency as a strategic asset in the future. The installation of a data centre is  motivated by the need to ensure continuity of service to clients, employees, the  general public, suppliers and business partners. In these environments, the physical  protection by a UPS system of computer or communications equipment, as well as database  servers that can contain critical and/or sensitive information, is essential. 

Flexibility and scalability are two features that are becoming increasingly important  in this sector, and having equipment to suit the specific growth needs of a company can  represent a significant economic and operational advantage. This is why innovation is a  key component of Salicru’s strategy of offering products that meet clients’ current  requirements and providing them with rack-mountable installation options and modular  and flexible expansion possibilities.

Another key factor to consider when making decisions that affect the energy security of  these centres is the fact that the installation of a UPS, as part of a complete  installation of a new data centre, only represents approximately 3% to 5% of the total  investment, which is a relatively small percentage considering the significant savings  it can provide in terms of preventing data loss, resulting in it becoming a strategic  asset for the company. 

If you would like to receive an invitation to attend the exhibition, please contact us  by email:

We look forward to seeing you there! 

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