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Salicru to protect ticketing machines in Madrid Metro

Dilluns, 22 september 2014

The Metro of Madrid has acquired more than 200 of Salicru’s UPS’s (Uninterruptible Power Supplies) with the goal of reinforcing the protection of the automatic payment machines and ticket dispensers in its transportation network.

Specifically, it has incorporated 100 units of the SPS 1000 ADV RT model and 105 units of the SPS400 SOHO+ into its safety infrastructure. The former involves a line-interactive UPS with sinusoidal output, gathering the best features on the market, with directable LCD display for integration in any professional IT environment, making it compatible with all current IT servers. Also noteworthy are its EPO (Emergency Power Off) functions for emergency shutdowns, configurable and prioritisable output sockets, green-mode function to save energy and extended autonomy options for applications that require longer back-up.

In the latter case, the SPS400 SOHO+ is also a line-interactive UPS incorporating an automatic voltage regulator, which mitigates possible fluctuations in input voltage, with less battery use and maximum autonomy if necessary. Devices from the SPS SOHO+ series have a backlit LCD display that provides all data on the equipment’s operating status. In addition, it contains complete monitoring and management software, allowing for continuous control over the system’s operation. Other notable functions include Cold Start, which allows for system start-up without a mains presence.

The Metro of Madrid is the second metro network in the European Union in terms of kilometres and eighth worldwide. It is made up of 12 conventional lines with 238 stations, with a total length of 293 kilometres.

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