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Salicru to Guarantee the Autonomy of Barcelona Traffic Lights

Dilluns, 21 september 2009

Between the second half of this year and 2010, 400 TWIN series SLC 1000 and SLC 1500 units will be installed on the traffic lights at the most “critical” intersections in Barcelona. It has received cooperation from the installation companies SICE and ETRA to carry out this project.

The initiative primarily answers the need to adapt the current urban network in Barcelona, which still suffers from the negative effects of the climate when there are electric storms which can cause power outages that affect the proper light signage of its streets.

To increase the reliability of the traffic light network in light of possible power outages, the Salicru UPS will provide 2 hours of autonomy for the regulatory system as well as the traffic lights so they will work without electricity. This will prevent traffic problems in the event of blackouts and, as a result, will have a very positive effect on road safety.

This project is part of a comprehensive traffic light renewal plan undertaken by the City of Barcelona, which represents an investment of around 40 million Euros and which also involves replacing the current incandescent lighting with LEDs, a low-consumption lighting system that enables energy savings of up to 80%.

It is precisely this change in the lighting system that has made possible the introduction of uninterruptible power supply systems in the traffic light network as the new LEDs feature a high level of compatibility with these systems since they consume less.

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