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Salicru strengthens its presence in the national IT sector

Wednesday, 27 march 2013

The Globomatik Informática wholesaler will distribute the domestic/professional range of Salicru’s Uninterruptible Power Supply systems, which offers solutions for domestic use as well as business and small company environments. Founded in 2001 and specialised in hardware and consumer electronics with a broad but compact portfolio of products, Globomatik has grown fast and solidly to become the current leading supplier for the different national distribution channels of IT products.

After a year of collaboration, Salicru has also renewed its alliance with the APP franchise network. Founded in 1994, APP started its expansion as a franchise chain in 1999. Since then it has been characterised as offering a large catalogue of maximum quality hardware with the best price and guarantee, and for giving its customers personalised treatment. In the last twelve years, the company has grown constantly in the number of franchises around Spain and at the end of 2012 had over 600 points of sale, a number it expects to triple by 2017.

With these two alliances, Salicru has strengthened its position in the IT channel with the knowledge and experience of leading companies in the sector and has expanded its commercial network of wholesalers in Spain.

More than four decades after it started up, Salicru is still the leading company in Spain in the power electronics sector and the company of greatest international projection both in terms of turnover and structure. Its range of UPS accounts for 60% of the sales of the company, the national leader in this sector. Its products and services are present in over 40 countries and in fifteen centres that give technical support and commercial advice in the domestic market.

Having equipment to guarantee a continuous, optimal and stable power supply has become something essential. Salicru’s mission is to assure energy availability and to guarantee advanced and versatile protection of computer and multimedia technological equipment at home and in the office. With an attractive, light and compact design, their advanced technology and polyvalent design, a single device is enough to protect the different peripherals of a computer network and multimedia elements: computer, printer, TV, TV decoder, Home Cinema, DVD, console...

40% of problems in digital and electronic equipment are caused by faults in the power supply. The performance of Salicru’s UPS not only guarantees the information stored in such equipment, but, by avoiding overloading and other network problems, minimises the risk of faults and contributes to extending their lifetime.

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  • Salicru builds a new logistics and distribution warehouse

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  • SLC X-PERT: a UPS for facilities with great critical power

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