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Salicru SLC CUBE3 and Emi2 protect the High Speed Line between Barcelona and Figueres (Spain)

Friday, 12 november 2010

The Railway Infrastructure Administrator (ADIF) has commissioned Salicru to protect the power in the section of the high speed railway line between Barcelona and Figueres. The leading electronics company has supplied 57 SLC CUBE3 series UPS with powers between 10 and 60 kVA, in single-phase/single-phase and single-phase/three phase configurations and in mechanical presentation tailor-made to the ADIF specifications, and 27 EMI2 electromechanical stabilisers of powers between 75 and 200 kVA, all in single-phase/single-phase configuration.

The Salicru SLC CUBE3 series UPS will deal with protecting and supplying both the signalling systems and the traffic and track manoeuvring systems, both in their single-phase input and output configurations and in the single-phase power supply from the overhead cables and three phase output. The severe demands of these kinds of applications, in which all of the equipment in the technical buildings depends on an overhead line power supply with strong oscillations, harmonic levels and high rates of over and under voltages, make the SLC CUBE3 the most versatile, adaptable solution on the market.

Likewise, the long life of the EMI range (which recently presented its renovated version, the EMI2) has enabled Salicru to gain great experience in the stabiliser world, a market in which it has been present for over 40 years. With this equipment, a reply is given to the applications in which perfect stabilisation of the power supply voltage is needed at complicated critical loads (large start-up intensity peaks, marked reactive character, large powers…), as is the case of railway lines.

The line for mixed passenger and goods traffic between Barcelona and Figueres is one of the sub-sections of the Madrid-Zaragoza-Barcelona-French Border high speed line expected to come into service at the end of the year, except for the urban sections of Girona and Barcelona, which will come into service in 2011. This project adds to other similar works in Spain, such as the sections of the high speed line between Madrid-Zaragoza-Lleida and Madrid-Seville-Malaga. 

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