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Salicru increases its turnover in the Chinese market by 12%

Dilluns, 23 january 2012

China's growth potential makes the 'Asiatic giant’ one of Salicru’s main international markets with 8% of its export figure. In 2011, turnover in this market increased by 12%.

The company's products were first introduced in the Chinese market in 1994, and since 2004 Salicru has had a production centre (and commercial subsidiary) in Beijing, where it makes its ranges of lighting flow dimmer stabilisers for consumption in the local market. Salicru Beijing has been involved in the Chinese national energy conservation field in collaboration with local administrations and the Chinese State government, and also large local energy consumption companies.

Over the years, Salicru has become the leading brand in lighting conservation in this company and is well-known in the market with its ILUEST+ range of light flow reducer-stabilisers for street lighting. The current yearly production capacity of the Beijing factory for this range is 2,000 units, a figure that allows the company to meet the needs of the Chinese market.

There are currently 8,000 ILUEST+ units installed around China and in the last year, promising projects have been carried out in street lighting in cities such as Wenshan (100 units), Pu'er (40) and Hangzhou (400). What's more, at the end of last year a large contract was signed to supply in the first quarter of 2012 around 200 units to the city of Putian and its population of nearly 3 million inhabitants. Projects have also been made for the petrochemical market and just last year, more than 250 units were installed in petrochemical plants in Yanchang, Pengzhou and Dushanzi.

Today, energy has become an important, expensive good and street lighting continues to grow in quantity and quality. Salicru continues firm in its initial aims to offer the latest technology available for better regulation, management, control and saving (of up to 40%) in modern outdoor lighting installations.

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