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Salicru designs a comprehensive bespoke solution to ensure the safety of Turkey’s new high-speed railway line

Dilluns, 24 march 2014

The rail sector’s numerous processes require the use of machinery that is highly  sensitive to voltage variations. These loads, because of their power and highly  reactive nature, need to be supplied by voltage regulators that are capable of coping  with such demands.

Salicru has extensive experience in protecting railways, as  demonstrated by its involvement in the AVE Seville-Madrid-Zaragoza-Barcelona-Figueres  high-speed rail line, and other similar projects carried out around the world.

Its most recent project in this area involved the implementation of a specially- designed comprehensive solution for the electrical substation of the Turkish city of  Hasanbey’s railway station, which forms part of Turkey’s new high-speed rail line. This  solution will ensure the proper functioning of its signalling and safety elements  through the use of Salicru’s EMi3 stabilisers, SLC CUBE3+ UPS and catenary filters, the  latter designed to suit client requirements.

Salicru’s Emi3 stabilisers provide a high current handling capacity, robustness in the  event of prolonged overloads and accuracy in output voltage (up to +/-1%), all with a  new, more compact and up-to-date look. They also feature toroidal autotransformers as  standard for the full range of power, which results in better performance and response  speed, manual bypass maintenance and independent phase regulation. Meanwhile, Salicru’s  three-phase On-line double conversion SLC CUBE3+ UPS systems are designed according to  maximum efficiency and energy saving criteria to provide reliable and quality power,  while representing significant energy and cost savings in terms of installations and  operating costs. 

The installation of this system represented the consolidation of Salicru’s  collaboration with the Turkish government in the design of the country’s new high-speed  rail line. Salicru has the technology and know-how to offer versatile solutions to  protect this type of infrastructure. Its advanced technology enables monitoring, remote  management, modularity and parallel expansion, and its rigorous, but, at the same time,  flexible and agile, production process makes Salicru the perfect partner for finding  bespoke solutions.

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