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Salicru collaborates with national and international hospitals

Sunday, 3 may 2020
  • Salicru collaborates with national and international hospitals

Salicru has supplied different Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems (UPS) to hospitals in Spain and Portugal that have reinforced their sanitary equipment to face the coronavirus pandemic. More specifically, 2 SLC CUBE3+ have been suppled for the ICUs of the Vall d’Hebrón hospitals in Barcelona and Doctor Josep Trueta in Girona, two public reference hospitals in their sector.


The same SLC CUBE3+ series has also been supplied to the prestigious Curry Cabral Hospital in Lisbon, a centre belonging to the Portuguese National Health Service that is a national reference in the treatment of infectious diseases.


Finally, Salicru has donated 10 UPS units from the SLC TWIN PRO2 series to the Peruvian Navy, to power up the first basic respirators that an Army Research Committee has developed to treat Covid-19 sufferers in that country.


In an exceptional situation such as that caused by the coronavirus pandemic, Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) are pieces of equipment that are essential to ensure the electricity supply in hospitals and healthcare centres.


They are also used in many more critical situations where it is necessary to ensure a reliable, continuous and quality electricity supply such as the facilities of the electricity, water and gas supply companies; transport and telecommunications infrastructures; financial and commercial services, security and control systems or industrial processes.

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