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DC Power Systems for medium and high powers

The SALICRU FAC P series DC Power Systems are rectifiers especially designed to supply the most varied medium and high power equipment in DC.  
Made in powers of 1000, 2000, 2700 and 5000 W, they can be connected in parallel and form part of 19” cabinets, where each cabinet can also include the monitoring and control unit (MS-102), batteries and DC output distribution, and a load priority system. Each rectifier module is also prepared for hot swapping, with all of the advantages that this involves for the system operation.  

On the other hand, the large amount of rectifier modules that can be connected in a single system will allow a power concentration of over 170 kW.

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Ground fault detector

round fault detector - SALICRU

For those installations with floating DC output which requires a constant monitoring of any accidental connection of any of the two poles to the ground.