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A great classic update

SALICRU, faithful to its duty with quality electric supply, has chosen to review plus update such long lasting equipments.  

EMi2, as true afore series descending, keeping up high current handling capacity, a great stoutness for lasting overvoltages plus output voltag high accuracy (up to ±1%), overall forwarding a new facement, more compact and up to date.  

As improvements related to aforesaid range, they do have, series-built with toroidal self-transformers use for all power range, leading to a better performance plus response speed, having maintenance bypass and independent regulation per phase.

Replaced by EMI3 + INFO

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Max / min voltage protection with automatic reset

Max / min voltage protection with automatic reset - SALICRU

Protection against over and under voltages at the output of the stabiliser. To reset the protection is not necessary any action, it is automatic completely.

Digital Ammetter

Digital Ammetter - SALICRU

An instrument for measuring the alternating input or output current. The reading is displayed in a digital way.

Isolation transformer

Isolation transformer - SALICRU

Electrical device that provides galvanic isolation between input and output, and adjust tension.