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If you need to report any incidents with your SALICRU devices, go to our Support Online, register your product and report the incident - as easy as that.


Below, we explain the different ways we can help you resolve incidents and provide you with information about warranties and their general terms and conditions:



Depending on the model and the warranty period available, we offer the following incident resolution options:


Spain and Portugal:

Equipment under warranty:

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) up to 3 kVA (inclusive) and Variable frequency up to 30 kW constant torque (inclusive): we will replace the device within a maximum of 48/72 hours in mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands (7-10 days in the Canary Islands), except bank holidays. It is important to have the faulty device ready to be picked up by the courier company.
  • Other equipment: our technical service department will contact you to coordinate the resolution of the incident.

Equipment outside the warranty period:

  • For all equipment: our technical service department will contact you with information about the out-of-warranty repair plans we offer.

Rest of the world:

Consult your local office Salicru (services@salicru.com).




To learn how to register your product go to the Log tab where equipment has a brief explanation of how to do it.