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  • Strengthening research and technological innovation

    Strengthening research and technological innovation
    Wednesday, 23 january 2019
    Salicru increases its commitment to research and development (R&D) and technological innovation as an industrial growth strategy. The company has bolstered its activities in this area with the aim of promoting a continuous process of product improvement, enhancing new technological capabilities and placing itself at the forefront of its sector.
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  • New subsidiary in Peru

    New subsidiary in Peru
    Monday, 22 january 2019
    Salicru Peru is the new international subsidiary of our company in the Andean country. It is a market that has experienced significant growth since it began operating in 2014 and is now seeking to consolidate itself with a more local service for its Peruvian customers and the development of new product ranges.
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  • UPSs for Allianz’s offices in Paris

    UPSs for Allianz’s offices in Paris
    Dilluns, 21 january 2019
    A total of 38 UPSs from Salicru’s SLC Twin Pro2 series, with power ratings of 6,000 VA/W, have recently been supplied to Allianz, the German financial services multinational, in order to protect the technological equipment at its Paris offices from disruptions in power supply.
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  • Devices for high-power industrial facilities

    Devices for high-power industrial facilities
    Sunday, 20 january 2019
    In recent months, Salicru has supplied several high-power devices to companies in different industrial sectors but with the same common need: the availability of a superior electrical protection system to ensure the proper functioning of all of their facilities and the continuity of their production processes.
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  • Present at the Asian Games 2018

    Present at the Asian Games 2018
    Dilluns, 8 october 2018
    During the summer, the 18th edition of the Asian Games, the most important multi-sport event in the world after the Olympic Games, was held in Jakarta-Palembang (Indonesia). And at this great event, Salicru was also present having supplied it with various uninterruptible power supply systems (UPS).
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  • SPS PDU, the power distribution unit

    Salicru’s power distribution units from the SPS PDU series are designed to distribute power coming from a UPS, generator or the mains to multiple devices, such as network and server racks in data centres and computer rooms.

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  • Salicru builds a new logistics and distribution warehouse

    Our company is building a new warehouse next to its production centre in Santa María de Palautordera, Barcelona, with the aim of accommodating logistics, storage, inventory and distribution functions for its products. It is expected to begin operating this summer.

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  • SLC X-PERT: a UPS for facilities with great critical power

    Salicru has launched onto the market its SLC X-PERT, a three-phase, online double conversion UPS with DSP control and compact design, which ensures a permanent, high-quality supply for facilities with great critical power protected by high functionalities.

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