Power Supply Quality

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The electrical network must behave as an ideal source of voltage without any internal impedance, with sinusoidal output and constant voltage at all points of the power supply.

In practice, we see that these conditions do not always apply, basically due to two types of causes:


Generators and the distribution system have a certain internal impedance which causes voltage collapses and losses in the distribution system.


The loads absorb:

  • transitory currents (start-ups and load connections)
  • non-sinusoidal currents (non-lineal loads)

Sometimes the causes for the disturbances are external: atmospheric, all of which contribute negatively to the quality of the power supply.


This type of disturbance causes:

  • An increase loss thus causing lower performance.
  • Electromagnetic compatibility problems (EMC): poor operation or untimely stoppages to the system and cause significant efficiency losses to production systems.