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Iluest+CR from Salicru will allow a saving of 40% on invoices for public street lighting in several municipalities of Girona (Spain)

Dilluns, 26 may 2014

For over two decades, Salicru has been a pioneer in precision adjustable street lighting systems thanks to its ILUEST range of step-down light dimmers/voltage stabilisers, which provide significant energy and maintenance savings. Girona Council has joined the commitment to saving energy, installing 30 sets of equipment from the ILUEST+CR range in the municipalities of Albons, Campllong, Cervià de Ter, Garrigoles, Juià, Llanars, Maçanet de la Selva, Madremanya, Pedret i Marzà, Riudellots, Sant Gregori, Sils, Tallada d’Empordà and Vilobí d’Onyar.

The installation of this equipment makes it possible to achieve 40% savings on street lighting bills, which, in this case, represents an annual energy saving of 584 MWh, which means €52,600 less in economic terms and a reduction in CO2 emissions of up to 321 tonnes. ILUEST+CR, true to the original philosophy of the ILUEST range, but featuring the latest technology available, results in better regulation, management, control and savings in modern outdoor lighting installations, providing perfect stabilisation for street lights through linear and continuous regulation between states.

The status of the equipment installed is between 7.5 kVA and 45 kVA, depending on the specific needs of each installation, and all of them are mounted in cabinets with IP55 protection to prevent water and dirt from entering. The available formats make the most of the modularity of this series. The modules can be configured to enable them to be integrated with maximum flexibility into a specific installation in street lighting cabinets of any size and proportion, even in small spaces.

All of this makes this series the most compact on the market. Likewise, this equipment is designed to be installed at the head end, which precludes the need for the cumbersome supplementary wiring of other systems, thus providing savings on installation costs. Moreover, as the system is completely static with an absence of moving parts, its useful life is longer and it can respond faster to sudden changes in power supply voltage, thus protecting more effectively the always delicate discharge lamps.

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